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8% Of Americans Say They Think They Could Beat A Lion In A Fist Fight

8% Of Americans Say They Think They Could Beat A Lion In A Fist Fight

According to a survey, it seems that some people have no idea how dangerous wild animals can be, huge, beautiful, and majestic creatures like lions. These people seem to think that they could hold their own with nothing but their fists when involved in fights with lions.

The study found that 8% of the respondents thought they could beat a lion in a fist fight. That's quite incredible.

Yes, It's True

YouGov did the poll, pitting 34 different animals against each other to see what Americans thought. The goal was to find out the animal people thought would dominate in a fight.


Each of the animals was then given a "win percentage," which indicated how often the respondents (1,224 in total) thought the animal would win against another animal.

Some Animals Consistently Won

Generally, elephants, rhinos, tigers, and grizzly bears tended to win about 70% of the time. In the 60% range were animals like hippos, lions, crocodiles, polar bears, jaguars, alligators, and gorillas.


Animals People Thought They Could Beat

Apparently, 8% of Americans believe they can beat lions in a fight. However, this is not the only animal they think they can prevail against in a fight.

Many respondents, naturally, felt that they could easily beat up rats, house cats, geese, and small dogs.

It is insane that 15% of Americans think they can take on king cobras, while 12% believe they can prevail against a wolf.


About 9% of people think they can beat a crocodile, while a surprising 6% think they are more than a match for a grizzly bear.

We Should Stay Away From Wild Animals

There is hardly a reason for people to end up encountering these animals in the wild. So, the odds of fighting them are even slimmer.

From this survey, it is pretty clear that we should try to avoid animals whenever we can. Unlike what many people believe, it is unlikely that most people would stand a chance against these animals if they got into fights with them.