8 Obvious Signs You're In A "Passing The Time" Relationship

Some romantic relationships are envisioned to last forever, while others are expected to end soon, perhaps even before the next season. Although you may believe in the potential of your current partner, it's important to consider if they share the same sentiment or if they're just biding their time until someone better comes along. If you observe any of these eight signs, it's likely that your partner falls into the latter category.

1. He Doesn't Make The Effort To Get In Touch

It's not necessary for your partner to constantly check in on you via phone or text throughout the day, and spending all your time together isn't a requirement either. However, if you perceive that your partner isn't putting in any effort to spend time with you, it could indicate that they aren't emotionally invested in the relationship. It's important to recognize this sooner rather than later to prevent unnecessary heartbreak.

2. He Only Gets In Touch When He Needs Something

When you don't hear from your partner for days, but suddenly receive an excessive amount of texts out of nowhere, it's a clear indication that something is off. This behavior suggests that they're reaching out to you because they want or need something, not because they genuinely miss you and want to connect.

3. He Goes MIA When He Feels Like It

If your partner disappears without warning, leaving you in the dark, and then resurfaces days later without any explanation, it's a sign that something is amiss. If you welcome them back without addressing their behavior, don't expect that they'll treat you any differently in the future. Either they'll lose interest because they don't see you as a challenge, or you'll tire of waiting for them to change. Ultimately, you'll both be wasting your time in a relationship that clearly has no future.

4. He Still Sees Other People

If your partner maintains a close relationship with their ex-girlfriends or is overly friendly with new people, despite knowing that it makes you feel uneasy, it can indicate one of two things: either they are indifferent to your feelings or they're keeping you as a backup option. If you're intentionally ignoring this behavior in hopes that they'll eventually change, you're simply wasting your time.

5. He Takes You For Granted

As a couple spends more time together, mutual respect should grow. Becoming more comfortable with each other is not an excuse to take the other person for granted. If your partner has been neglecting their responsibilities as a boyfriend, it's important to have an honest conversation with them. Otherwise, you'll continue to invest your time in someone who doesn't deserve you.

6. There's A Reluctance To Commit On Both Sides

If you and your partner have been together for an extended period and have not discussed taking your relationship to the next level, such as getting engaged or moving in together, it's crucial to pause and assess your situation. Understanding the underlying reasons for your current state is crucial because if you're unsure about each other, you're wasting valuable time that you could be spending with someone who is truly right for you.

7. He Doesn't Make You A Priority

There's nothing inherently wrong with pursuing your individual aspirations, but if it's causing strain in the relationship, it's a clear sign that your partner isn't as committed as you are. If your partner's actions prevent you from achieving your "happily ever after," there's no reason to continue the relationship. It's better to let go and pursue your goals with someone who values and supports your dreams.

8. There's That Nagging Feeling Inside Of You That Tells You To Leave

Although gut feelings aren't always 100% accurate, if you have a persistent internal voice, it's essential to pay attention. There may be things that you're missing that are compelling enough reasons to end the relationship and pursue your vision of a long-term future with someone else.