8 Mile Actor, Nashawn Breedlove, Dead At 46

8 Mile Actor, Nashawn Breedlove, Dead At 46

Nashawn Breedlove, known for his role in the acclaimed 2002 movie "8 Mile" alongside Eminem, passed away at the age of 46.

Breedlove was recognized for his musical abilities and had pursued a career in rap using the stage name Ox.

He contributed to the soundtrack of the 2001 film "The Wash" with the song 'Don't Talk S***,' sharing the stage with renowned artists such as Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg.


The following year, Breedlove took on the role of Lotto in "8 Mile" and engaged in a memorable rap battle with Eminem's B-Rabbit, ultimately conceding victory to the latter.

Fans of the film fondly recall his rap verse: "F*** 'Lotto, call me your leader/ I feel bad I gotta murder that dude from 'Leave it to Beaver' / I used to like that show, now you got me in fight back mode."

The news of Breedlove's passing has been shared by his mother, Patricia, through social media.


In a statement conveying the sorrowful news, she wrote: "It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of my beloved son Nashawn Breedlove's passing."

"Many of you knew him by his alias (Lotto and Ox), a name that echoed his resilience and determination."

"Nashawn was a rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. No one could deny his talent."

She continued: "Nashawn's departure from this world has left an immense void in my life, one that words cannot fully express. I can't put into words the pain and hurt that I feel."


"He was not just my son; he was a remarkable man whose character and strength inspired all who crossed his path."

As reported by TMZ, the rapper peacefully passed away in his sleep on Sunday at his residence in New Jersey.

Numerous supporters of Breedlove have turned to social media to honor the rapper, with one individual expressing: "May God bless his soul. Good actor."

Another adds: "RIP, unforgettable performance in 8 Mile."


Another individual remarks: "Hate to read this. That's way too young to go."

Meanwhile, a fourth individual writes: "Patricia Breedlove, I watched 8 Mile countless times. I am truly and deeply sorry for your loss. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten."

Rapper Mickey Factz has shared a heartfelt tribute to Breedlove on Instagram, remarking: "RIP to one of the few emcees to beat Eminem… Lotto from 8 Mile. Who's friends lovingly called him, Ox."


"You will be missed for your tenacity and aggressiveness."

According to People magazine, the son of the departed rapper, Zaak, has also expressed his feelings on the platform, stating: "RIP to my father. The legend of hip-hop."