8 Life-Altering Advices For Highly Sensitive People

8 Life-altering Advices For Highly Sensitive People

You're not weak or damaged. You're highly sensitive and delicate, but not everyone understands that.

Here's what you can change, to give people a better look into your true self.

You're sensitive, so what?

Don't fall into a trap and start obsessing over being called sensitive.

Stop wasting your energy trying to appear like anything other than you are. Allow your empathy and creativity to blossom, and in time, that's what others will see as your strongest characteristic.


Work on developing healthier habits

Sleep more, eat healthily, and give yourself more "me" time. Your sensitivity may be triggered easily in a chaotic world, so to be more productive, you have to nourish your unique nature.

If possible, avoid any overbearing tasks and high pressures activities. Skip the gym, and go to yoga class instead.


Listen to your body

You're not alone in ignoring signals our bodies are regularly sending us. But, unlike the others, as an over-sensitive person, you should be more in sync with the body.

It simply means to start noticing signs of Excessive stimulation. Whether at home or work, if a situation becomes too hard to handle, don't run away. And don't force yourself.


Instead, take time to relax and release the stress.

Create boundaries

Whoever came up with "work hard, play hard," didn't understand humans at all. Especially sensitive souls, like yourself.

We need boundaries, both in our outside, as well as in our inside worlds. Let in the good but don't allow too much of the negative.

Be compassionate

You're already compassionate, to the point where it hurts. But instead of focusing only on the outside world, show some kindness to yourself.


Your oversensitive nature already gave you the power of deep thinking. Channel it correctly to gain more self-love and self-respect.

Successful sensitive souls give themselves the same loving compassion that they're naturally good at giving others.

Think pink

Seek positivity in your life. As a highly sensitive soul, the more negative the circumstances, the more you suffer.


Be grateful for everything you are. Gratitude is a powerful yet simple way to combine positivity with self-love.

Sensitivity loves company

You're not alone. There are millions of oversensitive people, trying their best to survive in this big, wicked world.

If you're feeling unsupported or confused, find a sensitively conscious coach, mentor, Facebook friend, or a community who gets you, and nourish that connection.


You don't need fixing

Sensitivity is not something that needs fixing. You're not broken, and you don't need to apologize for being the way you are.

However, you can work on yourself, gain a new perspective, and be better, not for someone else, and not because you found someone to fix the world. Just for yourself.

Learn to feed the good in you, and stop your mind from spiraling out of control. Isolating yourself, or trying to numb yourself won't bring you any joy. But being a strong, yet oversensitive person, that's unique and powerful. And that's you!