8 Guys To Avoid Dating In Your 20s

During your twenties, you're experiencing the oddest, most thrilling, and relaxed period of dating. Although it may be enjoyable and provide you with exposure to diverse men, there are some sorts of men that you should avoid for your own wellbeing.

1. The Serial Dater

This man always appears to be in a relationship. Even though you may have had feelings for him for some time, you've never been able to find a time when both of you were not already involved with someone else. Although you've never met any of his girlfriends in person, you can tell from his Facebook profile that he is constantly with a new partner. It's evident that he lacks the ability to be alone and is more focused on showcasing his ability to attract women than on treating them well.


2. The "I Hate Commitment" Guy

From the beginning, he'll make it clear that he despises commitment. So, if you're okay with that, you can hang out with him. But, if you believe you can transform him, think again. You won't be able to, and you'll wind up getting hurt in the dating process. This man could be the kindest person on the planet, but it would be pointless if you ever intend to marry and establish a family.


3. The Guy Who Refuses To Get A Job

When he desires something, he'll put it on a credit card that his parents are currently paying for. If he has no interest in working, it's likely because he has no passion for anything. It's crucial to note that there is a significant distinction between an unemployed man who puts in effort and one who is content with receiving handouts.


4. The Guy Who's Totally Happy In His Parents' Basement

Similar to point #3, this man has no issue with remaining in his parents' home. Whether he returned home by choice or not, he lacks the drive to improve his current circumstances. He's completely fine with his mother doing his laundry and has no desire to learn how to measure detergent on his own.

5. The Guy Who Can't Even Create A Plan

He intended to take you out tonight, but while attempting to plan something, his texts are littered with "I dunno, lol" and "What do u want to do?" While a man shouldn't always be expected to have a fun idea in mind, if it takes him hours to decide on going to Starbucks, future dates may be dull. Your twenties are a wonderful period, so don't squander your time on a guy who sends exasperating and meaningless messages.


6. The Guy Who Uses You For Emotional Support

He's kind, and attractive, and unfortunately, dated a terrible woman last year. This man is sensitive and confides in you about how challenging the breakup was. The moment she posts something dramatic on Facebook, he informs you about it. In reality, you feel as if you know everything about her. Regrettably, he hasn't moved on from his ex, and he's talking to you because you're kind enough to listen. Would you discuss other men with the guy you like? Presumably not. Even if this man is open to dating you, he'll likely bolt if his ex desires to reconcile.


7. The "I Hate Kids" Guy

If you've chosen to be child-free, there's no harm in dating this man. He's most likely a lovely person, and having both partners on the same page about a crucial issue is vital for a healthy relationship. However, if you're in your twenties and uncertain about whether or not you want children in the future (but you believe you may lean towards yes), make an effort to avoid developing feelings for this man.


8. The Guy With The Shady Friends

He appears to be a decent person, but he enjoys sharing stories about his closest friends. Terrible stories. Stories that might have been amusing during your teenage years, but are completely appalling in your twenties. If this man chooses to spend his time with individuals who openly cheat on their partners or lie about their whereabouts, there's a high possibility that he's capable of similar behavior. It's accurate that you are a reflection of the company you keep, and during your twenties, you have a much wider range of friends than you did in high school. If his friends are terrible, why does he insist on spending time with them?