8 Guilty Pleasures That Women Will Never Admit To

Over time, societal norms have placed strict stereotypes on women, dictating how we should behave, what we should wear, and which careers we should pursue. But as the Women's Rights Movement and Title IX have made significant progress, women have achieved great strides in history. Women now dominate the workforce and occupy prominent roles in Politics, Entertainment, and Fortune 500 companies.

However, despite these achievements, men's and women's restrooms are still separated for a reason. Women behave differently than men in certain situations, and this is due to inherent genetic differences between the sexes. As a result, women are still susceptible to certain indulgences. Here are eight of them:

1. Watching (And Enjoying) Movies Or Series That Are Intended For Teenage Girls

While we may feel embarrassed to acknowledge it, many of us have found ourselves engrossed in a movie, series, or book that wasn't necessarily created for our age group. Who hasn't indulged in a little Twilight at some point?

2. Having A Dance Party… By Ourselves

As the comedian Dane Cook once joked (while poking fun at women in clubs), "I just wanna dance!" And it's true, dancing is fun and we need it. If we can't go out to release our dancing fever, then we'll do it in the comfort of our living room, blasting Cyndi Lauper if we have to.

3. Indulging In Cheat Meals When We Are Supposed To Be "Watching Our Weight"

The connection between weight and beauty has been a persistent issue over the years. Dieting is not exactly the most enjoyable activity and we all have our cravings that we can't resist. Although we are conscious that swimsuit season is approaching, there are times when we simply cannot resist the allure of ice cream.

4. Trying On Old Clothes That We Wish We Could Wear, But They No Longer Fit Us

As we age, it's impossible to maintain the same physical appearance we had in college. Our bodies change and mature, and we may outgrow some of our favorite outfits. Nevertheless, we can't resist the temptation to try them on every once in a while and reminisce about the good old days.

5. Being A Damsel In Distress

Although it may seem to contradict gender equality, it's sometimes refreshing when a man displays chivalry by assisting us with tasks like carrying our luggage or removing the air conditioner from our window unit. It's not that we are incapable of doing it ourselves or want to appear weak, but a helping hand is always welcomed.

6. Getting Hit On Even Though We're In A Relationship

To all the men reading this, please note that being hit on doesn't necessarily mean that we intend to pursue anything further. Sometimes, it's simply a confidence booster to know that we're still desirable even though we're already in a committed relationship.

7. Secretly Planning Our Weddings

It is true that not all women may desire marriage, and society should not impose it on them. Some women enjoy a single life. However, for those who envision the possibility of getting married in the future, they like to be prepared. They might have a secret wedding Pinterest board stashed away just in case.

8. Thinking Of Baby Names Way Before We Are Anywhere Near Bearing Children

In the same vein, not all women may desire to have children in the future, and the idea of it might be abhorrent to some. However, if there's even a slight chance, it's not uncommon to have thought of at least one baby name.

These things don't diminish our strength, intelligence, independence, or success. Our guilty pleasures don't belittle us or make us less equal to men. Sometimes, they simply occur, and there's nothing to be ashamed of.