8 Effective Ways To Make Him Think You Don't Care

8 effective ways to make him think you don’t care

You don't want to be taken for granted, and you want to show him that. You'll need efficient methods to accomplish this.

What you want is him to chase you off, whether he's a friend with benefits, a boyfriend, or just a guy you want. It shouldn't happen the other way around. Never, ever.

Do you think the fact that Sherry Argov's book Why Men Love Bitches is still so relevant after 19 years is a coincidence? It isn't. In 2021, the hashtag with her book's title was viewed 9.5 million times on TikTok. So, what's the deal?

The author of the book says:

''Men don't respond to words. What they respond to is no contact.''

Are you following me?


''The nice girl makes the mistake of being available all the time."

Oh, Sherry girl! We'll thank you later.

You will demonstrate that your life does not revolve around him, although this might be the case. He doesn't have to be aware of it. Men are hunters, and simple prey does not appeal to them.

Let's See What You Can Do

8 effective ways to make him think you don't care
8 effective ways to make him think you don't care

It is not the time to think about why you always want something you can't have. Or, someone. Because you can and you will! Now, all you have to do is to follow the guidelines below and adhere to them at all costs.

1. Keep The Distance

8 effective ways to make him think you don't care
8 effective ways to make him think you don't care

Let him ask himself.

Don't look at your boy while you're in the same room! Pretend you aren't aware of his presence.
If you had a couple of drinks, try not to approach him first and say something dumb. We've all been there. Hold your breath and wait for him to take the first step.

Be polite if this occurs. Say hello and let him talk. A gentlemen should always keep a conversation going.

If it doesn't work out, have a great time as if it's your last night on the planet. He will be confused by all that.

2. Don't Be Too Available

here's how to make him think you don't care

So he sent you a message or personally invited you out for a drink. Yay! However, he informs you that you will have to reschedule since he needs to get some work done. Anything similar happened to you with him one or more times? So, it's time to intervene!

You'll have to tell him a little white lie at times. That is sometimes appropriate. Pretend to be busy even though you have nothing better to do than watch the series all day. This is how he will acknowledge that you are not always available.

3. Keep Your Confidence In Interaction

8 effective ways to make him think you don't care
8 effective ways to make him think you don't care

You are a tough cookie! That guy out there won't make you feel insecure with his presence!

Just because you're nervous, don't talk nonsense when you two are chatting. When you communicate with him, try to be brief and look around frequently. He'll assume that he isn't relevant enough. There are plenty of other people you'd like to talk to at the moment.

To avoid being rude, several smiles are required.

One trick can be super effective. Interrupt him at one point during his speech, apologize, and explain that you have to leave for a while. And, of course, don't return. He will crawl to you, let me tell you. It's about the ego.

After all, you want to demonstrate that you are not delighted with the fact he's interacting with you but that he should be the one who's honored.

4. Don't Act Like A Stalker

here's how to make him think you don't care

On social media or in general!

You don't always have to be the first one to look at his Instagram story or like his photo. That's weird. It's fine to like some of his posts, but not all of them. He's not famous. And you are not a fan.

Also, you don't have to include ''lol'' in every text. I'm sure he's not that funny. Even emojis are not always necessary. Pretend you're uninterested, and keep your messages as brief as possible. You should ask a question now and then.

It is not suggested to respond in a matter of seconds. Always wait a few minutes before opening and responding to a text.

Good idea is to post pictures with other guys. With a wink emoji. Of course.

We're talking about life offline when we're not talking about social media.

You found out that he was attending a party and immediately called your girlfriends to accompany you because you are going too. It's a big no-no! Leave your dignity intact, and don't go. Please.

Attempting to make friends with his buddies so that you can spend more time around him is lame. Everyone will realize what you're up to and comment on it behind your back. That kind of embarrassment is unnecessary.

5. If On A Date, Go Home Early

5 ways to make him think you don't care

You're out on a date. Now you must play a role of a girl who is not willing to die for him. It doesn't matter if you do.

Spend no more than an hour and a half on a date, and frequently look at your watch. Cause him to wonder if you're bored, and he'll most likely ask if you have to go anywhere. That's fantastic; that's just what you want.

Say you have to leave because your friends are waiting for you. It would be devastating for him to see you're leaving him because of the friends you see on a daily basis. He'll realize he's not the most important man on the planet.

There's a fair chance that he'll like this. Men, as previously mentioned, enjoy chasing their prey. Be quick to get there in time to see friends, and let him figure out ways to catch you.

6. Talk About Other Guys In Front Of Him Or His Friends

5 ways to make him think you don't care

It is not uncommon for us humans to be narcissistic or egoistic. Our adorable boys, on the other hand, are champions in this field. That is why we, as women, must take advantage of that.

He could never accept you are talking about another guy, even though he exists. It would be unbelievable to him because he sees himself as an amazing and unrivaled dude. That's exactly why you need to do this.

Of course, you must achieve this with tact. "Hey, do you know who that guy is? He texted me the other day to invite me out for a beer." Or, ''How do you feel about this dude? Is he a womanizer or a good material for a relationship? I'm just asking as it's too early to make any plans." Be a bad girl, just like Rihanna.

7. A Little Flirting Never Killed Nobody

here's how to make him think you don't care

It's here that your seductive skills come in handy.

First and foremost, this won't keep him away from you. On the contrary! It will irritate him and remind him that he's not the only guy on the planet. In the eyes of another guy, you might appear to be the only girl in the world.

Demonstrate your abilities. It may be a smile directed at another man or a conversation with him that makes you laugh uncontrollably. Oh, poor boy. He will have no idea what is happening. Eventually, he'll make a move.

They all do, when treated properly. Wink.

8. Don't Compliment Him

8 effective ways to make him think you don't care
8 effective ways to make him think you don't care

He has a better appearance than Apollo. So what? You're not going to tell him that, are you?

He's dressed as if he just walked off the runway? Pretend you're not aware of his sense of style.

It makes no difference to you whether he is a god of humor or can match Tesla's intellect. You're not going to tell him how much you admire him.

So far, he's probably complimented you on your appearance. "Yeah… Thanks," you should say the next time. And take a decent, long look at him from head to toe. Yet, don't compliment him back. Ooops.