8 Different Roles Your Husband Should Play In Your Marriage

Whether you like it or not, in this world, you have to fit into one role or another. As Shakespeare said, we are players, and the world is our stage. I’m paraphrasing.

It’s very true. Even in matters of love, we have to play a certain role or another.

Many people in romantic relationships end up married. The best marriages have a husband with the right qualities. And it’s because he can play certain roles, for instance, he should be:

1.Your best friend

A good husband should also be your best friend so that you can share fun and memorable moments together. You should enjoy each other’s company, and so he should be someone who makes an effort to bring joy and happiness to your life.

2. Your therapist

When you have things to get off your chest, your husband should be there to offer a listening ear. He does not always have to offer any assistance or advice, but he should be ready and willing to listen so that you feel better and rejuvenated afterward.

3. Your mentor

A great husband should also have valuable nuggets of wisdom to offer you as you go through life. When faced with big decisions, he should be in a position to help you figure out the best way out by giving you another perspective on things. Through his wisdom, he should help you grow as a person over time.

4. Your student

Although he has to be a mentor to you, your husband should also be your student. That means he should be in a position to trust you and even learn things from you. Not all men can do this as their egos are too big to allow them to acknowledge or accept that someone else can teach them something valuable.

5. Your nurse

Every person feels unwell from time to time, and you should have someone to take care of you during these moments in your life. A good husband should have the ultimate concern for your health and well-being and be your nurse during these times.

6. Your biggest fan

A husband should be someone who tries to bring out the best in you by cheering you on as you chase your dreams and ambitions. He should believe in your abilities more than anyone ever could. In fact, when the world does not seem to think you have a chance at something you want to try, your husband should be by your side telling you that you can make your dreams come true.

7. Your life partner

When life seems to be too much, as it will sometimes be, you should have someone you can run to for support and encouragement. A husband should be there for you whenever you need a shoulder to lean on or someone to celebrate important moments in life with.

8. Your knight in shining armor

We all know that life is never a fairy tale, and that is why most people never try to make it into one. That is also why you should seek a husband who will go to any lengths to bring joy and satisfaction into your life. A true romantic will always make grand gestures to show his love towards you and will not shy away from making sure you know that he will stand by his lady no matter what.