8 Dangerous Places For Single Man Traveller In Thailand

8 dangerous places for single man traveller in thailand

Any smart tourist would do a bit of research before embarking on a trip to a foreign destination. Many times, this research is meant to inform you of the best tourist sites in your destination of choice. However, any good research plan should also include room for knowledge on places you need to avoid on your trip.

As a foreign man traveling to Thailand for the first time, you need a heads up of what to expect on your trip. You need to be updated about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether you're there in search of Asian or Russian brides, a casual vacation, or a business trip but, you need to know where to visit and where you should probably avoid.

Thailand generally has a lot of beautiful sites. It is an exotic country which is rich in culture. However, if you are a single man traveling in Thailand, you should avoid going to:


People wonder why Bangkok has a shady reputation that cannot really be fathomed, and Patpong only contributes to making it worse. It is a street filled with low neon lights, scantily clothed and unclad workers, and a lot of scam artists. There are a few stores here, but it is better to spend your money in the city than in this place. There is no guarantee of your safety or even finding good Asian wives (if that's what you're into). Visiting Patpong is a waste of time and money.

Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza is a three-story complex with a lot of exotic dancers, bar girls, and ladies of the night. If you are the kind of person who loves these things, then it should be the first place to visit on your list. But if it is not your kind of thing, you should leave it for those interested in that sort of thing because wherever you have this kind of setting, there's bound to be belligerent locals around.

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is an amazing place, but because of its popularity, it is hard to take in all of its splendor and beauty. Why? It is because there are always too many sightseeing travelers there, and there's bound to be a lot of shoving, hustling, and theft/ pickpocketing. Instead of subjecting yourself to this, you can go to a quieter temple. Alternatively, you can admire the Grand Palace temple from afar without having to fight for space.

Khlong Toei

Khlong Toei is a bustling market, but it is located in an area that is best avoided. This ara is a large slum, and most of its inhabitants are addicted to drugs such as "ya ba". Even indigenous taxi drivers do not take this route once it's dark. This is an indication of how dangerous it is at odd hours, and so you should avoid going to this place.

Tailors And Gems Shops

While there are good tailors in Thailand, there are more who will either take your money and not deliver or deliver less than the quality they promised. The same goes for gem shops. They tell you that the gems are worth so much in your country but, many times, it isn't the case. Instead of putting yourself at risk of being scammed, it is best to avoid shops that have tailors and gem sellers in Thailand.

Tourism Authority Of Thailand (TAT) Shop

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is a government organization that has no retail store. However, you will see locals encouraging you to visit their TAT stores and buy tickets to gain access to cheap travels or attractions. You should do well to avoid these stores because the tickets sold there are either counterfeit or more expensive than what you'd have gotten it for realistically. To avoid getting ripped off, do your research first before traveling.


Phuket was once a beautiful paradise, but it has been extensively urbanized and now has a lot of dangerous corners and alleys. If you are looking for a place to have healthy fun and meet Asian women for marriage, this is not the place for you. You are likely to get mugged or swindled if you aren't careful. However, if you love excessive partying, a lot of shopping, and sex tourism, you can check Phuket out.


Pattaya is a major hub for sex tourism in Thailand. Just like everywhere has different sides, Pattaya is no exception. Here, it is not uncommon for you to see a 60-year-old man walking, getting frisky with a 12-year-old girl or boy on the beach. Pedophilia and child prostitution is rife in Pattaya, and pimps are never far away. Violence on unsuspecting foreigners is also widespread as they are seen as easy prey for mugging and harassment.


Thailand is a beautiful Asian country with an intriguing culture and accommodating people. However, if you are in the country in search of Asian brides for marriage or just want to have the best Thailand experience, then avoid the cities listed above. This is because of the high rates of sexual depravity, violence, and the tendency for locals to pick on tourists. If you ever visit Thailand, there are a lot of other cool places to spend your time and money in.