8 Common Things That A Broken Woman Usually Does

8 Common Things That A Broken Woman Usually Does

Heartbreak feels like the worst thing that could ever happen to you. And the problem is that this pain seems to get magnified the next time your heart is broken again. In the end, too many heartbreaks can leave you broken.

That can change your whole outlook on things. It is one of the scenarios where a moment shapes who you are instead of shaping the moment.

Your life can change completely from having to suffer through all that pain, and some darkness might find a place in your heart.


Usually, that is just a natural reaction to unbearable pain and agony.

There is a woman who has been heartbroken again and again, despite all her attempts to find love and stability. This woman will change in a couple of ways, and here are some of them:

1. She'll Have Less Respect For Those Around Her

She is almost hateful of all humans. After suffering such brutal abuse at their hands, her trust in humanity has been destroyed and she hardly bothers to give anyone her respect.


2. She'll Hurt Others Like She Has Been Hurt

Although she might not have the intention to hurt other people, she will be more inclined to do so. She has become desensitized to pain, and she might not realize that she is hurting other people.

3. She'll Think People Are Out To Hurt Her

After being hurt by so many men she trusted with all her life, she will see every man who approaches her as someone who is out to hurt her.


4. She'll Be Cynical About Love And Romance

After getting her hopes so high in the past and getting disappointed so dramatically, she struggles to believe that true love exists. With no proof that love and romance work, she has gotten quite skeptical of the idea.

5. She'll Be Drawn To People Like Her

Have you heard of the phrase "misery loves company"? Well, it has some truth to it. A broken woman is so miserable, and all she has within her are toxic feelings that make her seek out people like herself. She might not even know she is doing it.


6. She Finds The Idea Of True Love Hard To Believe In

Having never had a real experience of true love, she finds it hard to agree with the concept. She does not want to believe in something she has never experienced, despite all her attempts.

7. She'll Think Sadness Is Part Of Her Life

She will make peace with sadness and accept that it will always stay with her. After being so sad in her past, she is used to it and even expects it to be part of her life in the future.


8. She'll Try To Find A Reason To Keep Going On

Although she has no reason to believe in love and romance, she will do her best to move on after several heartbreaks. She will try to find something to hold on to so that she can keep on moving forward.