8 Clear Signs You're Finally Getting Over Your Narcissistic Asshole Of An Ex

8 Clear Signs You're Finally Getting Over Your Narcissistic Asshole Of An Ex

One of the painful dating experiences in life is surviving an abusive, narcissistic relationship. A narcissistic partner will ruin your self-esteem, making it difficult for you to live in real life. They'll disrespect you with their toxic games.

Such a toxic partner has the power to manipulate and influence your life in a negative direction without you realizing it. They'll make you become the victim of your mind.


A toxic lover will destroy your kindness, love, and patience towards others and leave you with an empty heart. So, if you manage to escape such a detrimental and abusive relationship, you'll save yourself from a painful heartbreak and a blood-curdling experience.

So, if you want to know whether you're getting over a narcissist, asshole partner, here are 8 signs that show you've already moved on.


1. You Can Detect Flattery And Fake Kindness

When you let go of the feelings towards a toxic partner, you'll not be attracted to flattery. No one can fool you with fake and sweet words. You'll even detect wicked smiles.

This is because you're healing from a previous toxic relationship. You're a new person, injured, but with experience. You're even wiser than before.

2. You Don't Call Them Or Check Their Last Messages

It can take time and effort to forget everything a toxic partner did to you. But your heart will slowly heal, and you'll get over them. And one of the signs you've regained your strength from a painful heartbreak is refusing to call them. You don't even see the need to talk or call them.


3. You've Found Your Place In Life

For a long time, your ex filled you with empty promises. They manipulated you to involve in their brutal, toxic games that left you feeling worthless.

That pain is now over. You've regained the strength to walk away and to cut them off from your life. And since you aren't in an abusive environment, you're making huge steps towards your self-growth.


4. You Ignore Their Contact Attempts

When your phone rings or light up with a notification from them, you've no reason to pick up the call or reply. They're just part of your past mistakes, and you've already moved on.

You're not in their vicious, toxic cycle anymore. You've found your happiness, and that's what matters to you.

5. You're Helping People Undergoing Similar Experiences

You've started helping other people suffering from a toxic relationship. This helps improve your healing. Your determination to protect those who're fighting the same battle as this will help you and them to move on.


6. Your Emotions And Mental State Have Improved

A narcissistic relationship left you cold, injured and bruised. This is because such a toxic relationship can destroy your willpower and shatter your heart, dreams, or any hope you had.

But now, you're healed and on your own. You don't experience emotional distress or stressful thoughts anymore. This means you're getting over your ex.

7. You No Longer Care About Your Ex's Life

You're no longer concerned with their existence or their love life. You've become wise to understand that your life is your own. And you don't share it with anyone.


You're stronger than ever, and you won't settle for someone or something less than who or what you deserve. You don't allow yourself to become someone else's victim again.

8. You're Living Your Life To The Fullest

It's your life. You're no longer afraid to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to others. You've become a free-spirited person. You do what you wish with your life, and it's nobody's concern. You only care about your freedom.