8 Clear Signs That Probably Mean You're In Love

8 Clear Signs That Probably Mean You’re In Love

You used to get butterflies in your stomach whenever you saw them, and you used to feel as if you clicked instantly. But sometimes, it's not as clear anymore whether this person is right for you.

If you ever ask yourself "Is this really the person I want to spend the rest of my life with?" the answer is always in the way you feel.

There are lots of things that can definitely tell you whether you're in love or not. So, in this article, we bring you 8 clear signs you're in love.

You Daydream About Them

Ever been in a normal conversation with someone and caught yourself trailing off and daydreaming about that "special someone"? Yeah. You're probably in love.

You often imagine yourself in a perfect, magical world with them, and you can't stop thinking about all the wonderful things about them that just make you go crazy.

You Act Super Weird Around Them

It's comfortable to be a total weirdo with the one you love. You're sure they won't judge you, no matter what you do.

So, you pretty much turn into a clown around them.

You Feel Like You're On Drugs

This might seem all dramatic, but there's actually some truth behind it.

According to a 2010 study at Rutgers University, falling in love is very similar to the sensation of getting high on drugs.

When someone's in love, their brain releases euphoria several times throughout the cycle of love. The person you love literally makes you high!

You Often Catch Yourself Smiling

Sometimes, you'll just smile at the thought of that beautiful person in your life.

You'd check your phone in front of your friends, and they'd tease you for the silly smile on your face.

The reason why it's a common theme in movies and TV shows is that it's a clear sign of love that you feel happy inside and can't hide it.

You Love Their Quirks​

At first glance, you might have harshly judged your partner.

When you get to know a person, you find yourself picking on the little, weird, unique stuff that sets them apart.

But when you're in love with them, those small quirks are the things that attract you to them the most. They make you fall even deeper in love.

Everything Reminds You Of Them

Anything you see can spark a memory of the one you love. You could hear someone say something in French and remember that wonderful night you spent at a fancy restaurant with them.

You can't help but remember them with almost everything you see, hear, or even smell, and you hope you never lose sight of them.

Everywhere you go without them just makes you feel this strange feeling of missing them, and they just pop into your head at the most random moments.

You Feel More Energetic

As you go through your ordinary day, when you're in love, you feel more alive and energetic, almost as if you're experiencing an adrenaline rush.

This weird feeling of excitement boosts your mood and makes you feel more productive, too. Sometimes, you'll feel as if you can just take on the world.

They're The First Person You Share News With

Whether it's "My dog just bit me," "I just fought with my mom," or "I just got a high score in my favorite video game," they're always the first to know what happens to you.

This was a list of 8 signs that you're in love. Do any of these signs sound like you?