8 Annoying Things Girls Do When They Flirt

When a girl is attempting to capture the attention of someone who makes her heart beat faster, it's not uncommon for strange things to occur. This typically involves a behavior known as "flirting," where she endeavors to be as charming and captivating as possible while communicating with her crush. While the goal of flirting is to attract potential partners, some of the conduct displayed during this process can be highly unappealing and uncomfortable to witness. Despite being advised that these behaviors are helpful when flirting, in reality, they are distasteful and extremely vexing.

1. Talking In A Really High-pitched Voice

It's a peculiar occurrence that can be observed when a girl is in the presence of a guy she's attracted to - her voice can shift from its usual tone to a much higher pitch in just a matter of seconds. What's the deal with that? Is it some sort of subconscious tactic that girls use to mesmerize unwitting men and lead them to their demise? Men, be on your guard.

2. Obnoxious Laughter

As some girls continue to flirt with a guy, their laughter can become increasingly louder and more exuberant. While there's nothing inherently wrong with laughing, excessively loud and piercing shrieks are unlikely to impress anyone. It's unlikely that the guy's level of interest in you will correspond to the volume of your laughter - if anything, it might have the opposite effect.

3. Constantly Playing With Their Hair

Twirling your hair around your finger can go from endearing to distracting in no time at all. While it may initially come across as cute, if you continue to do it incessantly, the person you're speaking with might interpret it as a nervous tick. What's worse, they could even suspect that you have lice and are attempting to alleviate the itch in a subtle manner.

4. Asking Guys To Buy Them Drinks

It's incredibly distasteful to walk up to a guy and hold out your empty glass, hoping that he'll buy you a drink. If you can't afford to purchase your own alcohol, then perhaps going out isn't the best option for you. Expecting free drinks from men while frequenting bars and clubs is a clear sign of entitlement and a disrespectful attitude. It's not the responsibility of men to purchase drinks for women. Of course, if a guy offers to buy you a drink, it's perfectly acceptable to accept, but be sure to return the favor by purchasing the next round.

5. Acting Dumb

A confident and intelligent man is unlikely to want to engage in a flirtation with someone who appears unintelligent. It's perfectly acceptable to let your intellect shine through during a conversation, as long as you do so without being condescending. If you behave as though you have a lower level of intelligence than a sun-baked carcass, it's likely that you'll be treated as such. The guy you're speaking with might even feel the need to lower his own level of intelligence to avoid confusion and awkward silences.

6. Nonstop Phone Usage

It's impolite to scroll through your social media feeds or text while in the midst of a conversation. This behavior doesn't make you appear more popular or fulfilled but instead makes you come across as self-absorbed and easily distracted. It suggests that you spend all of your free time taking poor-quality selfies and conversing with individuals you don't genuinely care about. It's important to recognize that you can survive for 10 minutes without checking your phone, so make an effort to be present and engaged in the conversation.

7. Insulting The Guy

It's crucial to distinguish between playful teasing and hurtful insults. If you're unable to differentiate between the two, it's best to stick to flirting techniques such as using your charm and buying your own drinks. Even a combination of these two methods would be more effective than acting like an ignorant jerk toward someone you hardly know. Lighthearted teasing and occasional physical contact can be pleasant and acceptable while making hurtful remarks and then being surprised by the negative reaction of the other person is inappropriate and unwelcome.

8. Expecting The Guy To Initiate

There are some girls who are willing to respond to a guy's advances, but they hesitate to initiate the interaction themselves. However, there's nothing wrong with a woman taking the initiative and making the first move. If you find a man attractive and want to flirt with him, there's no need to wait around hoping he'll notice you. Take charge of the situation and approach him in a confident and respectful manner. As long as you avoid acting foolishly, you'll be in good shape.