Is Your 7th Sense Important? Here Is How To Connect With It

Is Your 7th Sense Important? Here Is How To Connect With It

There is no manual for life, no guidebook. It is a puzzle for everyone. But the best thing is that it is all purely in our own hands.

From childhood, we were taught that there were five senses. Have you ever stopped to wonder if there were more? The 6th, as well as the 7th sense, are usually connected with intuition and emotions. Psychics use them to communicate with the other world and by mediums to communicate with the dead if you believe in all that stuff.

However, everyone knows that there is magic surrounding the number seven. There are many examples in our modern world of the importance of the number seven. For example, in numerology, the number seven is widely held to be a lucky number. This is a number of psychic and mystical powers. Seven is a number of secrecy and the search for inner truth.

Throughout history, seven was a magical number. Have you heard of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world? The life cycles of the earth that have seven phases? Seven heaves? Seven stages to the human growth? Seven colors of the rainbow? Seven planets, seas, layers of skin. It seems that the number seven is everywhere.

Then, why wouldn't there be a 7th sense? Even though we have learned in school that there are strictly five of them (smell, hearing, eyesight, taste, feel), more and more people believe in the 6th and even in the 7th sense. These senses are connected with intuition and may not be treated as a scientific sense.

When you reflect upon it, the existence of the 7th sense becomes very apparent. Every day we are experiencing overwhelming stimuli that could make us confused without a second in our busy schedules to interpret and make sense of the signs that the universe is sending to us. With the help of our emotions, we can overcome a lot of that confusion. Emotions are one of the most important of our senses. Could they be our 7th sense?

What Is The Scientific 7th Sense?

Is Your 7th Sense Important? Here Is How To Connect With It

To most people, the 6th sense refers to either a horror movie or a feeling that exists outside of the realm of science. It is a sense not related to the real world, which cannot be explained.

Even if we asked children what our senses are, most of them would tell us that there are 5 of them. We often forget that there is the Vestibular System and Proprioception. These are the senses that some of the scientists include into the 6th and 7th.

Many neurologists identify nine or more senses. There are some listings as many as 21. Isn't that strange?

While the first and second categories of senses are the normal senses, familiar to us all, the third category is made up of the interoceptive senses. These senses deal with data originating in the body itself. They are not well known in the scientific world, but they are being studied further.

The 7th sense in the scientific term is an interoceptive sense. These senses are lumped together in various configurations. Most of the scientists agree that there are 3 of them.

The first interoceptive sense is balance. This is the sense of the body's alignment. It keeps an animal upright. Do you know how a cat is always able to be on its feet? It is due to this sense.

The second interoceptive sense is the organic sense. This is what alerts the body to its internal condition. If you have ever wondered how do you know if you are hungry or thirsty, well, this is how.

The third sense in the 7th sense group is known as proprioception. This sense represents the brain's knowledge of where each body part is. This is, in a way, your coordination.

It is simple to visualize this 7th sense. Simply close your eyes and extend your hand in a random direction. After this, identify in your mind its exact position and open your eyes. If everything is alright, your brain is well aware of your hand's position, even if you cannot see it. This is proprioception.

Is this the true 7th sense, or is it just a scientific explanation to something else entirely? Could it be even called a sense? Well, it depends on whether you like to go with the scientific explanations or believe that the senses are more spiritual.

Could Intuition Be The True 7th Sense?

Is Your 7th Sense Important? Here Is How To Connect With It

Some believe that intuition is a combination of the 6th and 7th senses. It is known that human beings are a complex mix of feelings and emotions. Thus, spiritualists believe that we all have the 7th sense. According to that, it is a that everyone uses every day of their lives.

Perhaps in our ever-evolving world, this intuition is something we badly need to deal with in the business of everyday life. It is believed that intuition is most potent when you are able to interpret and understand what your feelings mean.

Spiritualists believe that we all have to use our 7th sense to help the 6th sense. By using intuition, you are allowing yourself to feel. When you are able to respond to emotions adequately, your self-esteem will soar. Then, according to psychics, you can start living your life fully. You would be able to understand everything that is happening to you on a more profound level.

Intuition is a form of knowledge that appears in consciousness without apparent deliberation. It is not something that we can engage, according to science. However, the more spiritual people believe that connecting with your intuition can be practiced.

Intuition is often referred to as gut feelings. Intuition tends to arise holistically and quickly. This happens without awareness of the underlying mental processing of information. Information can register on the brain without conscious awareness and positively influence your decision-making and behavior.

Even science agrees that it is possible to hone your powers of intuition slightly. To some degree, intuition stems from expertise. The more expertise you have, the better you will judge something based on your gut feeling. To strengthen your intuition, you should make use of feedback.

This way, you can compare the real-life outcomes of situations with the intuitive decisions you made. Even so, being highly intuitive in one domain of experience doesn't guarantee reliability in every area.

The spiritualists believe that all living things, including plants and single-celled organisms, possess a 7th sense, even though few understand that it is an actual sense. Your emotions and your intuition originate in the same part of your brain as all your other senses. Your emotional experiences are integrated with the amount of your brain that stores memories and this is closely related to intuition.

This 7th sense, in such a way, is designed to make you conscious of what is helpful or harmful to you. Like everything in life, it requires practice.

How To Connect With Your 7th Sense?

Is Your 7th Sense Important? Here Is How To Connect With It

Is it possible to engage your 7th sense, whether it is intuition or emotion or something else entirely? Your senses are controlled by the same part of the brain that stores memory. Is this a mere coincidence?

Not according to the spiritualists. They believe that evolution has provided all living things with seven senses to enable them to interpret their environment. By remembering sensations, feelings, and experiences, humans are ensured to make better choices. It helps to avoid danger or pain and prompts seeking experiences that feel good.

The essential function of anyone's senses is to help make choices that ensure you are happy and your needs are met. To every living person, their primary needs are safety and survival, security and closeness with others. There are also the challenge and growth, self-esteem and happiness. And we should not forget balance and fulfillment.

This is the job that your senses need to ensure is done right. Your senses are there to make sure your needs are always addressed. Then would it be strange to think that there is a 7th sense?

The senses would be the following: taste, hearing, touch, smell, sight, feeling, and emotions. Seen like this, your emotions, which include your intuition, would be your 7th sense.

If you believe that your 6th sense allows you to feel what is intangible, then it wouldn't be that far-fetched to believe in the 7th sense. The 6th sense picks up subtle clues from your environment such as voice tone, body language, and even energy patterns and auric fields. It could even pick up others' thoughts, intents, and emotions if you tune it well enough.

This is a complex subject and highly controversial. Some will believe in the 6th sense and will practice tuning into it daily, while some will deny the existence of it. However, it is much easier to believe in the 7th sense. It is simply your emotion.

It is not difficult to engage the 7th sense, then. You have to let yourself feel!

Is Your 7th Sense Important? Here Is How To Connect With It

No one can tell you what is right or wrong with emotions. It is easy to judge others, but it doesn't help anyone. Be open. Stop judging how others feel. Stop judging how you feel. All of the feelings exist for a purpose. That purpose is forcing action.

Like with intuition, the 7th sense is based on experience. The emotions will force you either toward pleasure and fulfillment, toward growth, or away from pain. To become more aware of what your feelings are trying to tell you, you have to feel more.

The best thing you can do is appreciate your feelings to make you more aware of paying attention to life situations. With time they will let you know how something is affecting you. Then all you need to do is take action to satisfy what your feelings represent.

It is essential to respond to your 7th sense, intuition, and emotions consciously. Doing this will make your self-esteem soar. You might notice that your life and relationships will improve. After all, your emotions are a gift to your wellbeing and happiness. As such, they can also be a great gift to others in your life.