75 Ways That You Can Respond When A Guy Sends You His Picture

By sending you a photo of himself, a guy is indicating his desire to establish a connection and get to know you better.

If you're wondering how to reply, here are 75 plus possible responses to consider when a guy sends you a picture of himself:

Professional Pictures

1. You look incredibly professional!

2. Your outfit for this event is spot on.

3. Your suit is fantastic!

4. You exude success and confidence!

5. You look fantastic, sweetheart. Any employer would be lucky to have you!

6. Your stunning appearance must have been a factor in your recent promotion.

7. Your look is fantastic and I'm so proud of you!

8. You have a polished look, great job!

9. You're a pro and it shows in this picture.

10. Your smile in this photo is beautiful, it should be displayed more often!

11. This photo is perfect for a professional headshot. You look amazing in your outfit.

12. You took the time to put extra effort into your hair and outfit, and it paid off, you look amazing!

13. You look incredibly stylish and handsome in your attire!

14. You always look great in a suit and this one fits you perfectly.

15. The color combination of your tie and shirt is fantastic.

16. This photo captures your polished look and doesn't reflect the hard work going on behind the scenes, congratulations!

17. You look absolutely handsome, my love.

18. Your hair looks fantastic in this photo and it really highlights the color of your eyes.

19. You look incredibly sharp today! How do you manage to always look so good?

20. Your infectious smile brightens up my day just by seeing it!

21. You have a smart, put-together look.

22. This is an amazing photo, keep up the great work, you look incredible!

23. Your tie is stylish and handsome, great job!

24. This man is so good-looking, he could be a model!

25. You fit in perfectly with everyone, you look professional and dressed for the occasion.

Flirty Pictures

26. I didn't know you were so photogenic, this photo is amazing and you look fantastic in it.

27. You are so hot, my love!

28. Your smile is beautiful, I can't get enough of it!

29. I can't stop looking at this photo, you look so beautiful.

30. You are a stunning and handsome man, keep the photos coming!

31. This angle choice is unique and interesting.

32. You look amazing showcasing your body, I wish I was there to see it in person.

33. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

34. You exude sexiness, I am crazy for you.

35. This photo is making me blush and I want to give you a kiss.

36. You look fantastic, my love!

37. You are as beautiful as a Greek God, were you born with this fantastic physique?

38. This photo will be in my dreams tonight.

39. I love this photo of you, it's making me want to be near you.

40. You are incredibly hot.

41. This photo is perfect, the only thing missing is me in it with you.

42. You're sending me all sorts of flirtatious vibes, my love.

43. How playful of you!

44. This photo has left me speechless.

45. I'm sure you're just sending this photo so I'll send one back.

46. I want to see you without that shirt on.

47. You are smoking hot

48. Perhaps it would be best if you took off your shirt.

49. My goodness, you are incredibly attractive.

50. It seems you are fully aware of your allure, wouldn't you say?

Pictures Of What He's Doing

51. Your selfie skills are impeccable, I can't fault them.

52. I might have to print this photo and display it on my wall. It's just too stunning.

53. Your meal looks lovely, enjoy it, my love.

54. I'm happy to see you're having a great time. That looks like a fun night.

55. Do you plan on eating all of that food? I wouldn't recommend it, haha.

56. That dessert looks tempting! Maybe you'll share it with me later.

57. You are now my favorite person to follow on Instagram.

58. I appreciate that you documented this night. It's great to see what your life is like outside of ours.

59. That looks fantastic! Have a great day at work, my love.

60. You're just trying to make me feel inferior, aren't you?

61. This place you're at is stunning, second only to your beauty.

62. You look even more handsome in person.

63. This photo is beautiful, thank you for sharing it.

64. Just seeing you being silly and sharing it with the world is making my day even better. xo.

65. How adorable are you? Very adorable.

66. I wish I could be there with you, have fun!

67. You look stunning, my love. xo.

68. You seem like you're preoccupied, I hope everything's okay. Have a great day at work!

69. This photo of you is really cool. Have a great night!

70. Your project is making great progress! Thanks for letting me know.

71. I'm glad you're having fun with your friends. Have a great time tonight, but don't do anything too crazy.

72. So this is what you look like in the morning. Good to know for the next time we see each other. xo.

73. You look handsome today, you always look good but today you're radiating!

74. I'm a little envious that you're out, but happy you're having fun. Have a beautiful day, my love!

75. You're such a cutie! I hope you have a great time with your friends.

76. Have a fantastic night, my love.

76. That was very kind of you. Have a great day at work, my sweetheart!