75+ Texts To Make Him Miss You (For Long Distance Relationships)

Discover texts that will make your man miss you. If you're in a long-distance relationship or simply want to stay on his mind, you've come to the right source. Continue reading for tips.

Check out our extensive collection of endearing texts that will prevent his boredom and maintain his interest.

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The most sincere text messages become worthless if you engage in actions that harm your long-distance relationship. Being in a long-distance relationship makes it easier to end it, as there's no chance of unexpectedly encountering each other.

Hence, it's crucial to exercise extra caution when texting in a long-distance relationship. Although we've talked about text etiquette in numerous articles, it's worth mentioning again as a reminder.

Begin by not appearing as if your life solely revolves around him. Avoid prompt responses to all his texts and not always being accessible whenever he wants to call you.

Maintaining boundaries is crucial not just to prevent him from taking you for granted, but also for your own well-being. Having a fulfilling life outside of your relationship is essential for your personal happiness.

Avoid excessive texting. Although text communication is more common in non-traditional relationships, it's still best to avoid the habit of sending multiple consecutive texts.

Excessive texting may overwhelm him. Give him room to breathe and time to respond. This demonstrates that, if a closer physical relationship becomes possible in the future, you won't suffocate him with your attention.

Remember to enjoy yourself as well! Being in a relationship means you enjoy being with the guy. Conversations with him should not feel like a task.

It's natural to feel some nervousness and tension. Every relationship experiences its share of ups and downs, but if your relationship is consistently struggling more than it's thriving, it may be worth reconsidering if it's the right fit for you.


We have organized the texts into three categories for your convenience: affectionate, playful, and sensual. This makes it easy for you to choose the right section, depending on the mood you want to create with your message.

Every man is unique, and there's no guarantee that a text message on this list will be a perfect fit for all guys. You are free to modify the messages to better suit your needs and the person you're sending it to.

If you are unable to find the ideal text message, don't be discouraged. Consider using the Text Chemistry resource to become a captivating texter.

Texts for Long Distance Relationship

When it comes to the right couple, a long-distance relationship can be successful and enjoyable. However, extended periods of separation can cause either you or your partner to lose interest or stop texting altogether.

Fortunately, you have several text messages at your disposal to make your guy miss you and maintain his interest. Playful texts can spark his longing for you and create fond memories that will keep your relationship feeling real and exhilarating. If you want him to miss you intensely, these are the best texts to send to your significant other:

"Hey love, I've been thinking about you for hours and can't seem to stop. Can you spare a few minutes for a FaceTime call so I can see that gorgeous face?"

"Every day, your texts serve as a reminder of how much I adore you and how much I miss you. You're an incredible person and I'm deeply in love with you."

"Even on tough days, I feel lucky to have someone like you in my life. I miss and love you deeply, and can't wait to see you soon!"

"My love, I am crazy about you and regret that I cannot see your smile or kiss your lips more frequently. However, I believe that waiting for you is worth it, because true love always is."

"Every night before I go to bed, I spend time thinking of you. Although I'm alone in bed, I cherish memories of my favorite person and am willing to wait for you, no matter the circumstances."

"Tonight's plan: First, let's have a dinner conversation. Next, we'll enjoy our favorite movie in comfortable silence. Lastly, we'll dream about each other. Being together like this is always such a joy. Looking forward to hearing from you."

"Sending a smile your way with a picture of me and the dog! I know you miss her almost as much as you miss me. We both adore you, so let's make plans to be together soon, my love."

"What are my favorite thoughts about you? Desire. Missing you. Being crazy about you. Grateful for your presence in my life. Don't worry, my love, I know soon I'll see your smile and hear your voice. Even just chatting on the phone, you remain my favorite person."

"Your flirtatious texts brighten my day, especially when you send those risqué photos you know I adore. Perhaps tonight I'll return the favor by sending one with me sporting just a grin. You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?"

"My friends are always trying to give me their expert opinions on how we should spend our time together. Though well-intentioned, they often overlook the small details that make our relationship special, like waking up to your "I love you" text or seeing your playful smile in a video chat. I'm grateful to have you as my partner because you understand us and know how to have fun as a couple."

"Hey amazing guy, thinking about you always puts a smile on my face. I love and miss you constantly, and the thought of you waiting for me fills me with happiness."

"Being with you is a blessing every day, even when long distance is tough. Did you know that while we've been cherishing our text message romance, my best friend has already moved on to a new relationship? That just shows that we're destined to be together. I bet that brightens your day!"

"The saying goes 'distance makes the heart grow fonder,' and I couldn't agree more. I miss you constantly and can't wait for you to be here with me soon. Hurry back, handsome."

"I want you to know that you're incredible, attractive, humorous, and the finest person I've ever met. I hope you understand that my feelings for you will never fade. You're worth the wait, even though I miss you terribly."

"Remember, it's okay to feel sad or miss each other sometimes. Even though we're apart, keep in mind that we'll be reunited soon and able to embrace and kiss each other's smiles. My love for you surpasses what can be expressed in a text message."

"I wanted to remind you that you're the best person I know and a fantastic partner. My female friends are envious of our relationship. Doesn't that make for a great start to the day?"

"I understand you're busy at work and may not be able to reply immediately, but I just wanted to let you know that I love you. I can't wait to see your lovely face soon."

Sweet Texts to Make Him Miss You

A bit of romance can have a significant impact in relationships, even those that are long-distance. These texts aim to demonstrate your affection for him.

Some of these texts have a more practical tone, highlighting that you pay attention to the details of his life. Others are more playful and lighthearted, sure to bring a smile to his face.

"I was reminiscing about our first date, it was so enjoyable!"

"Do you recall how we first met?"

"I'm feeling your absence greatly at this moment."

"I wish you were here with me, cuddled up beside me."

"I would choose to be anywhere in the world, as long as I'm with you."

"Even though we may be separated by hundreds of miles, I have the sense that you're right next to me."

"I eagerly anticipate the day when I can awaken beside you."

"If I could make a wish at this moment, it would be to be with you."

"Hi, I recall you mentioning an interview today. How did it go?"

"I miss hearing your voice deeply. Would it be possible to have a phone call later?"

"I cherish the moment when I see your name appear on my screen."

"Whenever I hear a knock at my door, I hope it's you surprising me."

"I once said I wouldn't be in a long-distance relationship, but here we are, and I believe it's worth it all."

"I'll do anything to ensure our relationship thrives."

"I'm eagerly awaiting the day when I can see you again and counting down the days until then."

"I would travel the entire globe just to share a kiss with you."

"It's a shame your arms can't reach me here, I'd love to be enveloped in them."

"You're worth every moment of waiting."

"Though I may not be present physically, I'm still here for you in every other way."

"The distance of a thousand miles means nothing compared to my love for you."

"I adjust my sleep schedule just so we can talk, and I don't regret it for a second."

"Every time I think of you, I fall in love all over again."

"I'm not sure if I'll be able to let go of you the next time we're together."

"Distance won't change the fact that I'll always find my way back to you."

"I'm grateful you chose me, even with others closer to you."

Flirty Texts to Make Him Miss You

Too much of anything can become overwhelming and the same goes for overly sweet and romantic texts. While they can be enjoyable, a relationship needs depth and substance beyond just saccharine messages to truly thrive.

Sending playful texts like these can add some fun and character to your relationship. These messages will make him chuckle or encourage him to arrange a date with you.

"I wanted to take a moment to remind you of your cuteness."

"It seems as though you've purchased a non-refundable ticket straight to my heart."

"Take a selfie that makes you feel confident and send it to him."

"I had a rough day. Seeing a picture of your handsome face could potentially lift my spirits."

"Have you been dreaming about me as frequently as I have been dreaming about you?"

"I attempted to send you something adorable, but I don't believe I would fit in your mailbox."

"They say that distance increases fondness. If that's the case, we'll be deeply in love with each other soon."

"How is it that you can bring a smile to my face even when you're not physically present?"

"Is it strange that I sometimes imagine you being here with me?"

"I eagerly anticipate kissing you once more."

"Let's both get pizza tonight and imagine we're having dinner together."

"What's something we can do the next time we're together?"

"Let's search for an online game that we can play together. I'm confident I can win every time."

"Do you want to watch a new show with me by binge-watching it at the same time?"

"Seeing your face first thing in the morning would be a better pick-me-up than any cup of coffee."

"Where would be the first place you would take me if I was by your side?"

"How far do you believe a kiss could travel if I blew one towards you?"

"If I received a dollar every time I daydreamed about you, I don't think I'd need to work again."

"You should visit me soon. My cat/dog is starting to long for you!"

"I can't stop gazing at pictures of you. Could you send me a recent one?"

"The next time we meet, I plan on kissing you for each mile that currently separates us."

"As the song goes: all I want for Christmas is you."

"I'm a bit envious of those who get to see you every day."

"Just checking in on your inbox to see if you've been thinking about me..."

"So... what's on your mind right now?"

Sexy Texts to Make Him Miss You

One of the strongest motivators for men is physical attraction. Sending him seductive texts will surely make him crave for you more than anything else.

Employ these texts when you feel confident in your relationship and you wish to escalate things to a more intimate level. We assure you that they will prompt him to quickly respond to you.

"I have a few tantalizing thoughts about what I'll do to you the next time we're together..."

"What would be your reaction if I were lying in bed with you right now?"

"Every morning, I wish to find you snuggled up with me under the blankets."

"What would you like me to send you a picture or video of? I'm happy to oblige."

"I challenge you to send me a picture that will make me blush."

"Shall we arrange a phone call soon and I'll comply with your every request during it?"

"I wish I could instantly appear in your bedroom."

"I long for you to join me in bed and share the emptiness."

"Would you like to schedule a video call later? I'll dress up according to your preferences..."

"I have a surprise for you. I'm currently in bed and there's a chance I'm not wearing anything..."

And if you're seeking a way to switch up your text message routine, consider incorporating some playful games, like truth or dare. With over 40 daring options to choose from, you'll have endless fun testing your boundaries and ramping up the excitement with your partner through text.


These text messages are designed to make your partner miss you and ensure a response. However, if you're seeking to craft unique messages for your significant other, read on.

To inspire feelings of longing and prompt loving text messages from your partner, consider these tips. They'll cause your significant other to truly feel your absence and take steps to be with you again.

Add a Sweet or Sexy Photo

Incorporating a picture into your text message provides your partner with a visual of what they're missing. Sending a cute picture along with a playful message, like a snap of you and your pet, can evoke feelings of longing and desire.

However, sending a more provocative or suggestive image along with flirtatious texts can be even more effective, depending on the nature and progression of your relationship.

Experiment with combining various pictures with your playful messages to evoke a strong desire for you in his life. Add humor to your texts and showcase your playful side to let him know you're a fun and lighthearted person.

Encouraging him to respond to your pictures helps maintain an active and thrilling exchange of messages between you and your partner. This guarantees that you receive new texts from them and keeps your communication lively.

Vary Up Your Text's Style

Sending too many overly affectionate messages can be a turn-off for some men as it may appear that you are putting in too much effort. Similarly, excessive sexually charged messages may elicit a response but not necessarily the desired one.

The key is to mix up your messaging styles and keep him intrigued. For example, try sending a humorous text, such as a funny cat meme, to lighten the mood.

Follow up with a suggestive picture and a playful flirtatious message. Such flirtatious texting can be a fun way to make him miss you and keep the conversation going.

Make Your Guy Feel Special With Your Flirty Texts

Boost his ego and make him miss you by showering him with compliments. Men enjoy receiving compliments, especially when interspersed or followed by flirty messages.

Express your love for him, personalize your messages to fit his unique personality, and emphasize how much you miss him. By doing this, you can make him miss you quickly.

Know What He Likes as a Person

To make him miss you, center your texts on his personality and interests. What would be most likely to make him yearn for you? Is it your lengthy conversations or intimate moments in bed?

Emphasize these memorable moments in your flirty texts. By highlighting what you bring to his life, you'll inspire intense longing and prompt him to come to you sooner.

For maximum effect, concentrate on his interests. Doing so will leave him consumed with thoughts of you and result in a strong longing. He may even arrive unannounced at your doorstep with a bottle of wine and seductive intentions.

Be Careful With Flirty Texts

Flirty texts can be a great tool to make your partner miss you, but they also come with potential drawbacks. It's important to have full trust in your partner before sending any potentially compromising texts or photos.

It's not that you can't trust your partner with flirty texts. However, there's nothing more upsetting than trying to create longing and discovering that your photos are being shared with others.

Regardless of intent, sharing intimate and flirtatious texts with others is never acceptable. Even if it's to make his friends envious of your allure.

Know What Kind of Person He Is When He Shares Your Photos

To ensure confidentiality, only send sensitive messages to a trusted partner who you are confident will not share it with others. Trusting your partner's character and discretion is key before sending such messages.

If your partner truly loves you and desires a long-term relationship, they are unlikely to share intimate texts, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Exercise caution when sending potentially compromising images via text messages, as once they are on the internet, it can be difficult to remove them. It's advisable to assess the situation before sending any sensitive photos.


Experiencing concern about maintaining your partner's interest in a long-distance relationship is understandable. Don't worry, we empathize with the difficulties in finding the right things to say. That's why this guide was created to help you.

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