75 Long Good Morning Texts For Him To Copy And Paste

Elevate your morning text game to a romantic and meaningful level with this list of 75 long good morning texts. Surprise your guy with messages that will make him feel special and reinforce your bond effortlessly.

1. "I want you to understand how incredible you are and how grateful I am to have you in my life. Here's to a future filled with even more love and happiness, day after day."

2. "Wishing you a great morning and an even better day ahead, baby! I'll be thinking of you often today and hoping you'll do the same for me."

3. "It would have been wonderful to have you here last night. Waking up next to you is always a wonderful experience. Let's plan to repeat it soon, okay?"

4. "Knowing that you're alive and always there for me is a feeling unmatched by anything else in the world. Thank you for being such a caring and special person."

5. "Let me be clear, I love you and cherish every moment we spend together. Even sending you a morning text when we're apart brings me more joy than you could ever imagine."

6. "Is there anything more special than a considerate good morning text? Every time you send me one, my heart races. So here's one from me, to make you feel cherished and loved."

7. "Today is not just the start of a new phase in your life, it's the best day of your life. And every day that follows will be just as great. You deserve happiness, don't you forget that."

8. "I hope you're thinking of me as much as I'm thinking of you. You've made such a profound impact on me and I feel so fortunate to have known you."

9. "What makes waking up the best part of the day? Knowing that you'll read this text and anticipating your reply. Your response will be the highlight of my day until I receive the next one from you."

10. "I missed having you by my side last night. Your touch, kiss, and passion were all greatly missed. However, I'm looking forward to the moment when we'll be together again."

11. "Here's your daily dose of love and affection from the woman of your dreams. Tonight I will embrace you, kiss you, and we'll strengthen our bond through making love."

12. "My plans for tonight include having you come over for a delicious dinner, showering you with kisses and wine, and then letting you show me just how much I mean to you. I'll be eagerly waiting for you."

13. "Good morning, my love! Do I come across as too intense? I don't mind! I just want you to feel appreciated this morning and know that you deserve it."

14."If kisses were wishes, I'd give you a million every day. And if wishes came true, I'd use all of mine on you. Good morning, sweetheart! May all your dreams for the day come to fruition."

15. "Wishing you a great start to the day! I've had my coffee, taken a shower, thought of you, and just wanted to let you know that you're always on my mind."

16. "Every sunrise reminds me of the happiness you bring into my life. You are the light in my heart and bring joy to my days. I love you deeply and completely."

17. "Good morning! Did I wake you up? I apologize if I did, as I know you love sleeping in more than I do. Can you imagine waking up next to each other?"

18. "After much reflection on us, I've come to a conclusion: you're someone I want to keep in my life. I want you by my side, and I know you feel the same way about me."

19. "I love the person you are. You have a lot of qualities that I admire, both emotionally and otherwise. You are always there for me and treat me so well."

20. "You are better than any coffee, including Folgers and the fancy one your mom got us for our anniversary. I need you every day, especially this morning."

21. "Upon awakening, I realized three things. One, I longed for you. Two, the day appeared brighter simply by thinking of you. And three, I'll be reunited with you this evening. What a delightful day ahead!"

22. "I crave your presence tonight. Please don't leave or freshen up. Put aside any plans you have with your friends. I long to express my daily desire for you."

23. "I yearn for you in every aspect - from the brightness of your spirit to the radiance of your smile and the unparalleled passion we share during our intimate moments."

24. "Ditch work today. Report feeling unwell. I have an exciting plan in store! Let's embark on an adventure. No need to venture outside, we'll have a wild time right in my bedroom. By the end, you'll feel like you've run a hundred miles."

25. "Let it be known that my heart is yours. You occupy a unique place within it that will always remain. You are an exceptional and remarkable individual. I long to pamper you."

26. "Good morning, my dear! I hope you slept soundly and are feeling refreshed for the challenges of the day. Rest assured that I am here for you, always, and together we can conquer anything. My word is my bond."

27. "Starting my day with coffee and thoughts of you is my secret to waking up with a smile. You bring brightness to each day and I look forward to seeing you."

28. "Share with me your desires for our next rendezvous. Let your imagination run wild. And we can make them a reality tonight, or during your lunch hour. I'm ready for anything."

29. "As the morning sun rises, I am reminded of your absence. But the thought of soon being reunited with you and showering you with affectionate kisses brings a smile to my face."

30. "Last night, I had a dream about you and let me tell you, it was amazing. In fact, every night I dream of you and the things we do together. These desires are not just limited to my dreams, I know they can become a reality when we're together."

31. "You are incomparable as a partner, unmatched by anyone I've ever known. If our love was a competition, you'd have left the others far behind, completing three laps before they even began. That's how deeply I cherish you."

32. "You mean more to me than my shoes, my favorite football team, and even the best sushi place we go to every Friday. Being with you is like being surrounded by love."

33. "Meeting you has opened my eyes to the fact that I never truly encountered a genuine man before. I never experienced genuine love. You transformed all that for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

34. "The only thing separating us right now is distance. Sleeping apart is a missed opportunity. Let's make up for lost time tonight, shall we?"

35. "How about this: tonight, come over and make a list of all the things you want us to do together. Take your time and think about it thoroughly. I trust that you won't disappoint me."

36. "If I could make one wish, it would be for a week where it's just the two of us, where we can spend our days in bed indulging in love-making and taking breaks only for sleep and food. Let's bring this to life."

37. "What's stopping me from hopping in my car and heading to your place right now for a day filled with kisses? I might lose my job, but the thought of it all is too tempting to resist."

38. "Did I wake you again this morning? I picture you snuggled in bed, feeling groggy, unshaven, and so adorable. The urge to kiss you is overwhelming!"

39. "Wishing you a day filled with special feelings. In fact, I hope every day feels special for you. Your kindness makes me feel appreciated and I hope you recognize your own worth."

40. "Upon waking, you're the first person on my mind. As I make coffee, take a deep breath and consider having a smoke, I keep coming back to thoughts of you."

41. "Good morning, gorgeous! There's no denying your sexiness. In my eyes, you're the most attractive person on the planet. I eagerly anticipate our next meeting!"

42. "Starting my day, I struggled to find motivation. Even coffee didn't seem to help. But then, the thought of sending you a message brightened my day and gave me a boost."

43. "Meeting you has brought so much joy to my days. Every morning, I wake up with a smile, grateful for taking the chance and going on that first date with you."

44. "You bring out the best in me and make me feel unique. I hope I can do the same for you. Our connection is undeniable, and I hope it continues to flourish in the years ahead."

45. "As my mom mentioned, you do have a tendency to lounge. Like now, choosing to stay in bed instead of coming over to cuddle. Nevertheless, I hope you have a fantastic day once you finally rise!"

46. "How's your day going so far? Any significant work plans or similar commitments? I hope you can take a moment to stay in touch even amidst a busy schedule."

47. "Good morning! Did you get a good night's rest? I had trouble falling asleep as I couldn't stop thinking about you. However, eventually dreaming about you made it all worth it."

48. "Do you enjoy receiving my good morning messages? I take pleasure in sending them! Knowing that you read them and feel valued makes me feel appreciated as well."

49. "Every day, I brainstorm creative ways to reach out to you. Today, I opted for a straightforward approach and wanted to express my love for you. Simple yet impactful."

50. "The key to winning my heart is by allowing me to send you silly memes and GIFs at will. If you find them humorous or pretend to, I'll be devoted to you forever."

51. "I have breakfast on my plate and it's one of the best I've made. But I wish you were here to share it and feed each other."

52. "You've got this! You've got it every day! There's nothing you can't do! I fully believe in you and know you'll achieve great success in life."

53. "Good morning! My thoughts are with you, as they are every day. I know you'll have a fantastic day and knock it out of the park at work today!"

54. "Netflix and chill? Let's just go straight to the chill part. I have some new lingerie with your name on it."

55. "Imagine I'm there with you right now, fanning you and feeding you grapes one by one. Let's make that a reality, or something similar."

56. "What is love to me? It's knowing that even in grandma pajamas, I'm still attractive to my partner. So, here's a picture to prove it!"

57. "Good morning! The only downside is waking up from my dreams of you. But then I remember you're real and my heart skips a beat."

58. "Just tell me what you need today and I'll do it. I'm feeling very generous as it's my day off and I'm happy to run any errands for you."

59. "This morning is already perfect because I can text you. Even though we're apart, we can still stay in touch. Technology is almost as wonderful as you are."

60. "Just in case you weren't sure, I love you! I enjoy every moment spent with you and doing everything I can to make you feel special. Here's to another enjoyable day together."

61. "The morning just got brighter knowing I have the opportunity to text you! I hope the rest of your day is as exhilarating and fun as this message."

62. "Good morning, sweetheart! If you were an animal, you'd be a deer: adorable, precious, and unforgettable! I hope you feel as special as you make me feel."

63. "My morning: coffee, a bagel, and the drive to work, nothing new. But texting you makes it all worthwhile!"

64. "What brightens up your mornings? Is it your coffee, the delicious breakfasts you whip up, or my texts? I already have a pretty good idea of the answer."

65. "Sending you kisses, hugs, and all my naughty thoughts this morning. Keep them close for now, and perhaps we can discuss them in person later?"

66. "Have you ever considered how dull your mornings were before I texted you? You probably could've slept in a bit longer, right? I hope everything is going well!"

67. "To be honest, I can't envision waking up without texting you now. It brings happiness to my life and my heart. I hope it does the same for you!"

68. "It's the small things in life that bring me joy: texting you in the morning, planning a fantastic day, and having the knowledge that you're there for me."

69. "Have you ever woken up with a tune stuck in your head that you just can't shake? You're like that song for me this morning. I can't stop thinking about you!"

70. "What would you like to do this morning? My answer would be to be with you. Just wanted to make you smile with that joke. Wishing you a great morning and reminding you that I mean it."

71. "Do you want to see a photo of me this morning? I can't guarantee it will be pretty, I haven't fully woken up yet. However, I can assure you that I'll have you on my mind. You're always there."

72. "Is your morning off to a good start? I hope this message brings a grin to your face. The thought of you smiling or simply thinking of you brings a smile to mine."

73. "Do you start your day with thoughts of me, just like I do with thoughts of you? I imagine you do. I wish you a fantastic day, with me constantly on your mind."

74. "When the day gets tough, I think of you. When things get challenging, I still think of you. I hope you find comfort in thoughts of me as well. Good morning, my love."

75. "Visualize my lips pressed against yours, my hands exploring your body. The morning just got a lot more thrilling, right? But of course, we don't have to just imagine it if you don't prefer to."

Let Your Guy Know You Care

As observed, these text messages have a mix of humor, romance, and even a hint of naughtiness. By sending a variety, you keep your guy intrigued. Switch between flirting, expressing romance, and teasing him to show how much you care and make him feel special. This effort will leave him feeling loved and appreciative of your thoughtfulness.