75+ Funny Good Morning Texts For Him

"Good morning" texts are essential in today's dating world. Don't half-heartedly send one, as it may bore your partner. Here's a list of 75 hilarious wake-up texts, including the best time to use them and other relevant details.


1. "The highlight of waking up is the anticipation of receiving my text and eagerly waiting for it."

This playful text provides ample opportunity for flirting, even if he pretends not to be affected by your humorous message.

2. "I was aware of your love for exercising, but did you have to run through my thoughts all night?"

This modification of a classic phrase is ideal for your workout-loving partner, guaranteed to bring a playful grin to their face in the morning.

3. "The sun can be a nuisance, but seeing your father's traits in you always brings a smile to my face."

We like this text as it might make your partner pause and ponder. "Who's my father's son? Oh, it's me, of course!"

4. "Coffee may stimulate me, but I'd rather have you here to tuck me in tonight."

For a bold flirty text, try this option! Your partner will be both entertained and pleased by your playful flirtation.

5. "There's an empty space on my mattress the size of you that I couldn't resist snuggling with this morning."

This text expresses your desire for his closeness at night, guaranteed to brighten his day, while also sending a playful flirtatious message.

6. "The combination of Me, You, and Coffee equals the Best Morning EVER! Are you free for a cup this morning?"

Send this text if you want to meet up before work and chat. Coffee is always a light-hearted and classic joke to use in the morning.

7. "The best thing about seeing you last night is that I can still feel your kisses on my lips."

Send this text if you had a good time together last night. It'll make him chuckle and reminisce the pleasant experience.

8. "Attention! This is your drill sergeant girlfriend! Get up from your lazy bed! Move, move!"

Is your partner a former or current military member? Remind them of the "delights" of boot camp with this humorous text.

9. "Both the dog and I couldn't sleep last night because of your absence."

Ideal for a dog-loving partner who has a special bond with your canine friends.

10. "We need to seriously talk about breaking up... this dull morning with a comical text!"

Only send this text if your partner is comfortable with joking about breaking up. Some individuals may not find this humorous.

11. "Last night, the song 'I'm Too Sexy' kept playing in my head every time I thought of you."

Does your partner take pride in their physique? Then, playfully tease them with this flirtatious text.

12. "I was abducted by aliens last night and now I'm stuck on Mars. I need you to come save me!"

Looking to surprise your partner? Send this message and see their reaction. If they find it amusing, they're a great match!

13. "The bacon tastes great, but it would be even better with a serving of your manliness on the side."

Add some humor to your morning with this playful and naughty text.

14. "This playful text is a nod to Oscar Wilde's novel, "The Picture of Dorian Gray", and a great way to complement your guy's good looks in a humorous way."

Use this text to reference Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray" if both you and your boyfriend are fans of literature.

15. "I confess, it's tough for me to break free from my closet, but I can't spend all day searching for shoes!"

Send this to surprise your guy and make him laugh with your wit.

16. "Breakfast in bed with you" (5 words)

Make your guy laugh with this humorous text.

17. "Wished you were here to hit the snooze button a fourth time, after I hit it three times this morning."

Make light of your fondness for sleep with this humorous and playful text.

18. "Do you long for me as much as I do for you? Let's wager on it."

Inject some love into your morning message with this affectionate text. It may not be uproarious, but the playful "wager" could add a flirty touch to your morning.

19. "I prefer my partners to be like my coffee: comforting and energizing me every morning."

Amuse your partner with this humorous quip. You can make it more playful by saying something like "inside my belly," but that would depend on your personal style of flirting.

20. "I believe I'm going insane... for you. Would you like to purchase matching straitjackets?"

Although slightly somber, this teasing text can be well received if your partner has a preference for humor with a dark twist.

21. "Honestly, I wish you were here with me. I don't feel like fixing breakfast on my own."

This classic comedic switch-up will keep your partner amused. Be sure to show your affection and mention missing their kisses later.

22. "I don't enjoy breakfast nearly as much as I enjoy your company!"

If you have a reputation for being a fan of breakfast food or eating early, this message should bring a big smile to your partner's face.

23. "If I had your good fortune, I would place a bet on the lottery tonight. After all, you have me."

This lighthearted, confident tease is likely to lead to a playful back-and-forth with your partner in the morning.

24. "If I had to choose between pancakes for breakfast or you, I would probably choose you."

When your partner responds with a joke, continue to alternate between mentioning him and pancakes (while always choosing your partner in the end).

25. "You must have consumed caffeine because nothing energizes me quite like you do."

Accompany this message with a coffee emoji or a playful "winking tongue" emoji to add some extra clarity and flirting to your message.

26. "I'm experiencing a hangover... from being with you last night."

Use this message if you both enjoy wine or a nightcap before bedtime.

27. "Can you acknowledge that reading this text is the most enjoyable aspect of your day?"

It's likely that he'll concur with your opinion!

28. "Shall we skip out on our responsibilities and spend the day together?"

Infuse some fun into the atmosphere by playfully evoking memories of skipping class during your youth.

29. "My dear, I require a dosage of 10ccs of you to fully awaken this morning."

Excuse me, could you kindly administer a 10cc dose of your energy to help me wake up this morning? Thank you.

30."I have a strong attraction to you that's hard to ignore. It feels like a spark that's difficult to put out."

Here's an alternative that's still playful but less suggestive:

31. "I wake up earlier than you every morning. Do you think you can go to bed before me?"

Hey you, looks like I've been beating you out of bed every morning. But who knows, maybe you'll surprise me and beat me to bed tonight?

32. "From dusk till dawn, I can't stop texting you. I'm starting to think that maybe, just maybe, I might have a little crush on you."

This message is sure to make him chuckle and feel sentimental at the same time.

33. "Why does it seem like morning always arrives too soon?"

This classic one-liner is sure to elicit an eye-roll and a groan from him.

34. "In my opinion, daylight saving time is one of the worst inventions ever created."

Looks like I hit snooze one too many times this morning. Someone, please send coffee ASAP!

35. "I must have slept like a log last night. I might need a doctor to wake me up from this coma!"

This might not be the best text to send if your guy is particularly gullible and may think that you can actually text while in a coma.

36. "Good morning, my love! Don't you just adore being in a relationship with a morning person?"

Rise and shine, sleepyhead! I hope this text brings a smile to your face and helps you kickstart your day. Remember, there's coffee waiting for you!"

37. "It's amazing how long a guy can sleep without his significant other to wake him up in the morning!"

I have to admit, men may be physically stronger, but us women definitely win when it comes to waking up with grace and energy in the morning. Just saying.

38. "I never used to be a morning person, but ever since I started dating you, I can't wait to start the day with you by my side. Thanks for being my source of morning motivation!"

I don't know how you do it, but your energy in the morning is infectious! I may not be a morning person like you, but you make it hard to stay in bed when I know you're waiting for me to start the day with you.

39. "Dealing with different time zones can be such a hassle, don't you think?"

Long-distance relationships can be tough, but at least we can still share the same sunrises and sunsets, no matter how many miles apart we are. That's something, right?

40. "Can you make me a pot of coffee, my sweet?"

I'm pretty sure you run on coffee instead of blood! Lucky for you, I just made a fresh pot, and it's all yours. Come and get it, caffeine addict.

41. "I don't know about you, but I've been thinking about a career change lately. I hear the nunnery life can be quite fulfilling, especially if you're a sexy nun like me. Kidding! I'm not really quitting my job, but it's always good to have options, right?"

Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing! I hope that terrible joke made you smile.

42. "Let's play naked message: remove a piece of clothing with every text."

Put an end to this exchange with some naughty pics if you're okay with it.

43. "We are far superior to peanut butter and jelly!"

If your man enjoys having toast every morning, you can use this joke.

44. "Such is the beauty of the sunrise that it could even make you look attractive."

You know, you're almost as annoying as you are charming. Almost.

45. "Let's call in sick and build a cozy blanket fort!"

Let's play a game tonight that's sure to bring out your competitive spirit... and a little bit more.

46. "Gently kissing your neck, and then... Oops, wrong number! Sorry about that."

This joke is so funny that your eyes will be streaming with tears.

47. "I'm not entirely sure what happened last night, but there's a cigar-smoking monkey in the room, so it must have been a wild one!"

Good morning, my love! May your day be as sweet as a rainbow made of jellybeans and as weird as a dancing unicorn with a traffic cone on its head.

48. "Is there anything better than my morning kisses? Absolutely not, you silly goose!"

Here's another prank that should keep him chuckling - a classic bait-and-switch!

49. "I wore my finest lingerie last night. Why don't you come over and help me take them off this morning?"

Let's take it up a notch with this spicy and humorous message.

50. "I'll order the same breakfast as you."

Drop a subtle hint about some potential morning delight with this message.

51. "When the sun rises, all I can think about is you, whipped cream, and a serious shortage of clothing."

Here's a message that is sure to tickle his funny bone and also set the mood ablaze.

52. "Curious about what's on the breakfast menu? How about a serving of me-n-u?"

If your guy hits you with some dad jokes, hit him back with a few of your own to crank up the laughter factor to the max.

53. "Your brother is curious: what's my preferred position?"

Once again, I want to emphasize that these types of texts should only be used if your partner is comfortable and has given clear consent. Communication is key, and it's important to always make sure that both parties are on the same page.

54. "Happy Secret Sharing Monday! Confide in me, and I'll make sure to tell everyone else."

Of course, if he trusts you with a secret, it's only fair to reciprocate. So, don't forget to share a secret with him as well!

55. "If you want to win my heart in a heartbeat, get me out of work today."

Be ready for him to take you up on that offer!

56. "Every time I text you, my heart races! Oops, never mind, it's just the caffeine from my coffee."

Here's another playful and amusing way to get your beloved laughing.

57. "You know what you and my coffee have in common? Both of you are gorgeous and dark!"

It's worth noting that using a joke about race can be risky and potentially offensive, even if it's intended to be playful. It's important to be mindful and respectful of your partner's background and cultural sensitivities. Instead, you may want to consider using a different type of humor that is not focused on race.

59. "I like my coffee with sugar and a side!"

Yes, there sure are! Coffee seems to be a never-ending source of inspiration for jokes and puns.

60. "When it comes to my favorite breakfast protein, you are at the top of the list!"

Instead, you could try to come up with a text that is still playful and flirtatious, but not overly explicit.

61. "I was planning on sleeping the day away... that is, until you come over and wake me up!"

Here's a playful way to remind your partner just how attractive you find them.

62. "I just updated my will: in the event of my demise, I bequeath my credit card debt to you!"

While the text may be a little dark or morbid, humor can be a great way to alleviate tension and make light of heavy situations. It's important to know your partner's sense of humor and make sure that they are comfortable with this type of joke before sending it.

63. "I thought my cat was the one waking me up with all the noise last night, but then I realized it was me, moaning your name!"

Of all the people I've ever met, you're definitely one of them. And a pretty amazing one at that!" This text can make your partner laugh and feel special, all at the same time.

64. "How about you wear a wig and go to work for me today? I'm feeling pretty cozy in bed!"

This playful text suggests a fun day of skipping responsibilities and spending time together. However, it's important to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page regarding responsibilities and priorities before sending this type of message.

65. "I'm planning to dig a tunnel to China for a little getaway. Care to be my partner in crime?"

This text message is a little quirky and random, but it's sure to make your partner laugh and start their day off with a smile. It shows that you're thinking of them and want to brighten their day, even if it's just with a silly message.

66. "Explain to me one genuine reason why we shouldn't spend all day together in bed?"

This text will tickle your guy's funny bone while also prompting him to contemplate the same question with a greater level of seriousness.

67. "Ground Control to Major You: you've captured my heart and made the grade!"

Send this to a music enthusiast, particularly a die-hard fan of David Bowie.

68. "I wish you were here to ride me like a drum."

Messages of this kind resonate wonderfully with musicians.

69. "Would you mind sharing a bedtime story with me? I'm all set to doze off again."

Get a good laugh out of your man at your detriment.

70. "As I gaze into my crystal ball, I predict that your day will only get better from here on out, thanks to this amazing text!"

This text will give your guy a reason to smile and start the day on a positive note.

71. "How about we kiss each other right now?"

Instead of sending the expected "me too" text, how about sending something silly like "I'd offer to give you a high five, but I'm afraid it would be too intense"?

72. How about, "Skip the morning jog and try a more enjoyable exercise with me"?

Your guy will come running to your house, with laughter echoing all the way.

73. "Why doesn't your daily morning working include bench pressing me?"

Make your guy smile with a funny and flirty text message.

74. "Do you want to watch Netflix together this early in the morning?" or "It's early, but would you like to watch some Netflix and relax together?"

Send a captivating text that's flirty, playful, and maybe even a little bit naughty.

75. "In my opinion, morning intimacy is better than afternoon intimacy."

Your guy will be laughing all the way to your house for some morning fun.

Print Out This List

Save this page so you can easily find your favorite text messages, or print it out and keep it next to your bed. Highlight your favorite texts and try different options frequently to keep things fresh and exciting. Your guy will appreciate the effort you put into keeping things fun and unpredictable.