7-Year-Old Dies In ICU Months After Begging Doctor To Stop Healing Her & Sending Her Back To Abusive Home

7-year-old Dies In Icu Months After Begging Doctor To Stop Healing Her & Sending Her Back To Abusive Home

Although a young girl warned her doctor about the dangers of going back home due to the abuse she suffered there, nothing was done about it. Now, she is dead after months of ICU treatment following severe physical abuse.

The Mexican girl, Yatziri, 7, was taken to the hospital by a neighbor after she was seriously abused at home. The girl was getting treatment at Hospital de Las Margaritas in Pueblo, Mexico when she succumbed to her injuries.


When the girl was taken to hospital this last time, she had a number of injuries. For one, she had internal bleeding and a collapsed lung.

In addition, there were burn marks on the girl's back as well as cigarette marks on her arms. Finally, there were signs that the child had experienced sexual abuse.

By the time the girl got to the hospital, she had given up on life:

"I want to die, don't heal me anymore. I don't want to go back to my parents so they can keep hitting me."


Unfortunately, even with the efforts the doctors made, the girl still couldn't survive the abuse she faced.

What's worse is that the abuse happened on at least three occasions in which the girl was seriously harmed. However, no arrests were made until the latest incident, which, unfortunately, led to her death.

Initially, the girl was admitted to the hospital due to cuts on her legs. Her father explained that the mother was responsible.


Later, the girl had to undergo surgery for intestinal damage. A few months later, the girl needed grafts on her buttocks after she suffered severe burns that were so serious they had destroyed part of the muscle.

Yatziri Also Sexually Abused By The Uncle

Similarly, there were reports that the girl underwent sexual abuse. This particular crime was done by the girl's uncle, and he ran away once his crime was out in the open.


Luckily, the girl's parents, Rafael and Alejandra, were taken into police custody pending investigations. The two face charges of family violence and child abandonment.


Yatziri may not have been the only child to suffer fatal abuse at the hands of her parents. Authorities are curious as to what caused the death of her 3-year-old sister, Mitzi, who passed on months before she did.

Suspiciously, her cause of death was listed as accidental asphyxiation. The case was reopened after a push from the Development of Family Integrity (DIF).

Frida Guerrera, a rights activist, wants additional justice. She is of the opinion that the mother was also a victim of abuse and that she was also afraid for her life.


Guerrera also sent a tweet saying that there was nowhere to bury Yatziri.


Until now, the official cause of Yatziri's death has not been reported. However, since the girl was admitted to the hospital for sexual and physical abuse, she never left the hospital.

The reality is that if the authorities had taken the matter seriously early enough when the first incident of abuse was discovered, Yatziri's life might have been saved.

Even before the latest deathly bout of abuse, the girl had still suffered from sexual abuse and serious physical abuse at home. If these matters were taken seriously, the girl and her sister would probably be alive today.


As much as the parents are to blame for killing their daughter, the authorities also failed the girl by failing to do a follow up when the first case of abuse was reported.