7 Ways To Stop Giving A Darn What Other's Think

7 Ways To Stop Giving A Darn What Other’s Think

You will never be able to make everyone happy, and the more you try, the more miserable you'll be. So, why bother?

Caring about other people's opinions is giving them the power to approve your action. This should not be confused with caring about feelings. This is about you only and your fear that if you're not good enough (whatever that means), you'll be the odd one out.

Here are seven no so secretive ways to stop caring, because no one can live your life other than yourself!

It's a skill

Learning to be carefree and to rely on your instincts is a skill. You need to practice believing that you know what's best for you.

The more you're comfortable being yourself, the more you'll stop caring about the opinions of others. Especially the views of people who aren't your loved ones.

Learn to be rejected

It's a struggle for your ego, but rejection can motivate you and open the door to possibilities.

Create a game of "I dare myself to…" and do seven things each day in a week. Ask someone out, apply for your dream job, demand to get on the first class, for no reason…

You'll feel like a fool, but the more times you get rejected, the more likely you'll be aware that rejection is a part of life.

Do more weird things

We can't really define what's weird, but if it makes you uncomfortable, you're on the right path.

Wear an outrageous outfit, get a tattoo, pierce something, go out there and explore. You can't even imagine how much you're missing because you're afraid of being judged.

As long as it's not illegal, you can do whatever you want. And if someone wants to judge it, you can judge back.


It's easy to pick on a sensitive person. Not because you can't be vulnerable and strong, but because you're more likely the one who won't push back.

Desensitize yourself, get comfortable with the fact that sometimes, embarrassment is going to show its ugly head, and deal with it.

Don't waste your life living in the shadow of embarrassment. You will do silly things, and that's all part of life.

Don't hide

Stop hiding. This means that you are brave enough to show people your best sides, as well as your insecurities.

Doing so will remove any fear that you have around it. You will never be perfect, and everyone is already insecure. So, why hide it?

The judging game

If you are constantly finding little things that you can pick on about other people, your brain subconsciously will assume that others are doing the same towards you.

Stop wasting time judging others, and you'll brain will stop creating more fear of being judged.

Pursue your passions

Finally, the more confident you get, there are bigger chances you'll be opened to finding what drives you.

Once you sense that feeling of hunger, passion for whatever it may be, it's your best weapon to stop caring what others might think.

Make sure you have something fascinating you are working towards. The opinions of other people won't matter anymore.