7 Ways To Rock (Or At Least Survive) A First Dinner Date


Going on first dates can be a nerve-wracking experience, so much so that you might find yourself seeking refuge in the bathroom just to complain to your friends about how terrible it is. I know this feeling all too well, as I've had some truly awful first date experiences that my friends still tease me about to this day. However, with time comes experience, and there are ways to make dating enjoyable. As a woman who's been there, I'm sharing seven simple solutions that can help make any first date tolerable, even if the guy ends up being a dud. If he's worth it, he'll want to see you again.

1. Wear Something That Makes You Feel Hot

It goes without saying that looking good on a date can boost your confidence and make you feel great. However, if you're planning to buy a new outfit for the occasion, be careful. Feeling uncomfortable in what you're wearing is the worst. Imagine having to constantly adjust a strapless dress or worrying about your underwear showing when you sit down in new jeans. Not exactly the ideal situation. To avoid any mishaps, stick to an old favorite outfit that you know you look and feel good in. Go for something that you've received tons of compliments on before.

2. Have A Drink Before You Leave

While it's important to not show up to your date under the influence, there's nothing wrong with taking the edge off. A glass of wine or a vodka cranberry can make you feel more confident and relaxed without compromising your ability to drive safely. It's a great way to calm your nerves while also feeling sexy and self-assured.

3. Drive Yourself

Getting picked up for a date might seem romantic, but it's not always the safest option. If you don't know the person well, it's best to avoid revealing where you live. After all, you never know who you're dealing with. If you need to make a quick getaway, it's much easier if you have your own vehicle. Plus, being in control of your own transportation gives you more freedom and flexibility.

4. Arrive First

I'm rarely early for anything in life except for dates. Arriving first gives you the advantage of choosing your seat and taking control of the date. Even if you prefer to let your date take charge, arriving early allows you to scope out the best spots in the venue. You can even order a drink and have something to hold and sip on if you start feeling anxious. Your date will appreciate your initiative, and you'll feel more at ease.

5. Sit At The Bar

Opting for a bar as a venue for your first date could be the perfect choice. Should your conversation hit a rough patch, you could chat with the bartender or even strike up a conversation with the folks seated beside you. If that fails, you could always discuss the fancy cocktails being concocted by the bartender or even the whiskey that catches your eye on the bar shelf. This informal setting feels more relaxed than being seated side by side in a booth or sitting opposite each other at a tiny table, trying not to accidentally touch feet.

6. Treat Him Like A Friend First

Many women find it challenging to engage in conversation during a date since they only view their date as a potential love interest. Attempting to be charming and seductive could cause you to freeze up and stumble over your words (unless you're a natural, of course – in which case, you go, girl!). However, if you approach the date as though you're just going out for drinks with an old friend, you're more likely to feel relaxed and like yourself, making it easier to have engaging conversations. Additionally, if you genuinely intend to date this person in the future, you'll have to reveal your authentic self eventually.

7. Eat A Real Meal

Men appreciate women who enjoy eating. Opting for a salad may not be as appealing, so go for hearty meals instead. Additionally, once the food arrives, it's essential to eat it properly. After all, men want to date someone who enjoys food, not a person who nibbles on it like a bird.

8. Bonus: If You're Having Fun, Get Drinks Somewhere Else!

Are you having a great time with your date? Chances are, he's enjoying himself as well. Don't hesitate to take the lead if he seems shy. For instance, you could suggest visiting a fun bar nearby. He'll appreciate your spontaneous approach. Whether you want to end the night with a kiss is entirely up to you.