7 Ways To Keep Your Single Life Exciting When All Your Friends Are Settling Down

In our late 20s and early 30s, it's strange how our once wild and crazy best friends are now settling down, getting married, and starting families. Of course, we're happy for them, but we spend our money on travel, bridesmaid dresses, bachelorette parties, and baby showers. For many of us, it's what we want too, but we haven't found the right person to take those steps with yet.

Although we're happy for our friends, we can't help but feel left behind. Our friends have been like family for years, but now they're starting their own families, and that changes things for us as well, even though we may not be ready for it. However, don't worry because change isn't always negative, and you can still enjoy your single life even if you're the only one left in your friend group who's not in a relationship. Here are some ways to make the most of your single life.

1. Pursue New Hobbies And Professional Interests

Perhaps you've spent every weekend getting drunk with your friends at karaoke, but that might mean you're neglecting other interests. When your friends become busy with their own lives, you will have more time on your hands to explore your creative side. You may have had a passion for photography, cooking, art, or writing your whole life, so why not dive headfirst into it? Whether it's just for the pure joy of it or to earn some extra cash, investing time in something you love will be rewarding.

2. Make Strides And Take Rewarding Risks In Your Career

When you're fresh out of college, it's easy to prioritize the number on your paycheck over pursuing a career that brings you true satisfaction and growth opportunities. As you watch your peers achieving their dreams, you'll start to crave fulfillment in your own career. Maybe you've been dreaming of a promotion, a graduate degree, or changing fields altogether. There's no better time than the present to make it happen. It will be much harder to take professional risks after starting a family, so take advantage of the current opportunities to explore your potential. The worst-case scenario is having to borrow rent money occasionally or eating lots of ramen noodles.

3. Upgrade Your Bachelorette Pad Décor

Now that you're a full-fledged adult, you can finally let go of anything that screams "college dorm room" (if that's what you want to do). Seek out a stylish and contemporary apartment that makes you happy and select furniture that truly complements it. Decorate your space with beautiful art from a local gallery and add some fresh flowers to your table. You'll feel much more fulfilled when you come home to a place you love, and it's always nice when friends and dates admire your stylish abode as well.

4. Make Some New Friends

When you have a group of reliable long-term friends, it can be easy to overlook the prospect of making new connections. However, when your regular crew becomes less available, it's a good opportunity to branch out. Chat up friendly coworkers, neighbors, or the cool barista who already knows your order at your go-to café. While you might not make any new BFFs, having enjoyable new acquaintances to talk to can fill the void.

5. Go Out By Yourself

It may seem strange, but going out alone can actually be quite enjoyable. Sip a glass of wine and savor a nice dinner, catch a movie, or just stroll around downtown people-watching. Once you get used to the feeling of being alone in public, it becomes less intimidating. Plus, you never know who you might end up chatting with or even befriending!

6. Change Up Your Style

It may seem insignificant, but transforming your appearance can make you feel rejuvenated and signal the start of a new chapter. You can experiment with different hairstyles, colors, and makeup, as well as try out new fashion styles to help differentiate yourself from your college days. When you look in the mirror and see yourself in a power suit with flawless makeup and hair, it's incredible how it can boost your confidence. Embrace your greatness and strut your stuff.

7. Host A Party!

Once you have your fabulous bachelorette pad decorated, your stylish new look, and you're killing it at work, why not celebrate your amazing life? Invite your closest friends and their partners and kids (if they're comfortable bringing them) as well as your new work pals and anyone else you want to. Planning a menu and drinks, cooking for a group, and organizing music or games for everyone to enjoy can be a lot of fun. This is the time in your life when you have the most freedom, so make the most of it.