7 Ways Empaths Wreck Their Relationships Without Noticing

7 Ways Empaths Wreck Their Relationships Without Noticing

Empaths' trademark is they know where you're coming from. It can be challenging being an empath; there is nothing easy about being so highly sensitive like a finely tuned instrument when it comes to emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme level and it can be quite difficult.

Many times others' emotions can be so overbearing for the empaths, they find it hard to feel at peace when there is a constant stream of other people's emotions to contend with. Empaths, due to their caring nature, may not even be aware of the things they do that can destroy their relationships.

Here are 7 things you might be doing as an empath, without realizing it, that can wreck your relationship.

1. Crossing boundaries.

Empaths feel like they have to help where they can, they feel an urge to do so and can't help themselves. Often they cross boundaries without them even realizing it. These can be small, but other times they can be significant and not always welcomed.

2. Empaths ignore their own needs in the relationship.

Due to an empaths nature, they become focused on their partner's well-being, and they end up neglecting their own. Empaths don't express their individual needs; they forget the importance of this as they are focusing solely on their partners. It can set a dynamic into play, where the empath feels unloved, misunderstood, and unsatisfied, while their partner doesn't understand how to reach them.

3. Self-care is neglected.

Because of an empath having deep care and compassion for others this can come at a price to their emotional well-being. When an empath has focused everything on their partner, they tend to neglect all the things that make them who they are as a person. Less time is spent on the things that the empath enjoys; hobbies are left aside, less time is spent with friends or on things that the empath is passionate about. These can all lead to their happiness and self-esteem being affected. To their partner, they've changed, and this can sadly lead to the end of the relationship.

4. Going to extremes to fix things.

Empaths find it hard not to try and help or fix things, but they find it hard to remember that you cannot help everyone. They tend to spend so much time focusing on others, that they can fall behind with their own stuff.

5. Won't ask for help.

As I've already mentioned, empaths forget their own needs all the time. This can cause significant issues down the line. Empaths find it very difficult to ask for help; they feel they don't deserve the support, even though they help others all the time.

6. They can take on a parent-child relationship.

Empaths are natural nurturers, and because they can feel so much, they often rush to meet the needs of their partner before their partner has even expressed them. This can turn into an unhealthy dynamic where one partner care for the other. This can eventually make the empath feel resentful of their "obligations."

7. Thinking on behalf of their partner.

This can happen when an empath is upset, and rather than discuss it with their partner, they play out the conversation in their head. They feel they know what their partner's responses will be, and they can play out both sides of the argument in their heads.