7 Types Of People You Need To Remove From Your Life ASAP

7 Types Of People You Need To Remove From Your Life Asap

Not all friends deserve to be in your life. It's healthier to have a small, supportive group, than a dozen people who are draining your energy.

It's better to unfriend someone sooner rather than later. Let's face it: we all have several irritating people in our lives, and they are keeping us from dedicating our time to our real friends. And it's not just friends or people we met on occasion. Some family members deserve to be unfriended as well.

Here's a list of all the people you don't need in your life; hopefully, you'll be smart and brave enough to remove them. It's best for you, so if that means you have to be selfish, so be it!

The Complainer

Oh, you know the type: everything terrible always happens to them. You're not allowed to have a bad day. They had a worse one. You can't have relationship problems because they are always having some issues. Or worse, they'll say something like: "At least you have a relationship."

It's annoying, and you'll always end up feeling bad. Like talking to a broken record. Thank you ,next.

The Gossiper

If person A talks behind person B's back, who's to say they won't do the same to you?

It's fun to gossip about celebrities, but even that can be toxic. Imagine how much grief a person who lives for gossiping can give you in the future? Or how much damage they've already done. Person A should become person C, as in canceled.

The Manipulator

Being manipulated is no laughing matter. It can be hurtful, damaging because, for a manipulator, you're just a tool to get to their goal.

Manipulators use various techniques to keep you in their lives for as long as they want to. So, breaking up a friendship with them is going to be exhausting. On the other hand, dealing with them on a daily basis is draining your energy and mental health.

Cut the cord, but expect them to crawl back. And when they do, calmly tell them where to go.

The Negative One

There are the ones who complain, and the ones whose negativity is toxic.

The negative people will undermine your actions and will cause you to doubt your decisions. Don't try to explain to them that you're trying to improve your life. They are too busy looking at the glass half empty, and you can't change that.

The Jealous Type

Jealousy is not attractive, and it's certainly not something you need to thrive in life.

Jealous people are slightly creepy: they'll start from buying the same clothes as you, and end up trying to steal your life. Or similarly, they'll isolate you from the rest of the world, because you're their best friend. And jealous types never share.

Be honest: what do you get from that friendship? You know what to do, and the sooner, the better.

The Victim

If someone's overplaying the victim card, ditch them. It's irresponsible, and they have no credibility. Without trust, how can the two of you be friends?

Friends should lift you when you're down, but when someone's trapped in a victim mindset, they can't help you. They are too busy saving themselves from a self-made situation.

There's nothing healthy about that kind of behavior.

The Liar

You can't tell if someone is lying until you catch them. With casual liars, that's not hard.

These people aren't satisfied with their lives, so usually, they start by embellishing the truth. It's quite sad, yet you aren't their therapist, and you'll end up looking like a fool for sticking by them.

Remember that lying comes as second nature to them, so you'll end up in a web of lies. It sounds crazy, but it's true.

Similarly to decluttering your home, you should do the same with people. It does sound cruel, but you should have only great, inspiring souls around you. You deserve more than false or toxic friendships.