7 Thoughtful Lovey-dovey Creative Ideas For Your Sixth-month Anniversary

7 Thoughtful Lovey-dovey Creative Ideas For Your Sixth-month Anniversary

Commemorating six-month anniversary is increasingly becoming a popular trend. Though the norm is to celebrate the first year spent together, there is no harm in appreciating the first six months in style.

In a world filled with uncertainties, every memory created together should be constantly celebrated. After all, life is like a mist; here now, gone the next moment.

Here are some amazing ideas for your six-month anniversary that will not only make you both happy but plant the desire to keep going strong.

Video Story

Make a compilation of all beautiful moments captured so far in pictures and videos. Stitch them together using tools like ViVaVideo into a single video from the earliest to the latest. Have a beautiful love song that you're both familiar with playing in the background so you can both sing along when watching the video. You can even add a short note in the last slide expressing how you feel about your partner in six different ways or languages.

Each picture in the slide will remind you both of how far you've come and how much further you can go together.

A Home-Cooked Meal Plus Love Notes

Go out of your comfort zone and make a few simple dishes for your partner. Dish it out neatly without much extravaganza and accompany it with a bottle of wine. Then, write short notes on six small pieces of paper, each telling one thing you love about him or her. You can make a trail with them, sticking them to the doors, pillars, and walls leading to the already-set table. Your baby will be beaming even before seeing the thoughtful meal you personally prepared.

The Six Minutes Request

Ask your partner to make a request that you have to fulfill in six minutes. The request can be anything and you cannot say no. This will create opportunities for a good laugh and show how willing you are to do anything to keep him or her happy.

Sing And Dance

Select six songs you both love. You can dance to three and do karaoke of the other three. Or you can just listen to the songs together sharing an earpiece. Tell your partner to listen to the lyrics of the songs like they are your words. Trust me, those songs will mean more than they have ever meant.

Trunk Call

Visit a conservation center close to you. The serenity of nature preserved will make you marvel at the wonders of creation. Be a part of it by finding a tree to carve your names on and your promise to love each other unselfishly. You can always come back anytime to find where you put your stamp.

Back To The Start

Go on a date to the very place where it all began. You don't have to recreate that day, all you have to do is relieve the memories of that day and the emotions experienced. It will feel like taking vows all over again.

A Six-Spots Date

To mark this anniversary, you can visit six different places in just that one day. You can start with visiting where it all began, then a park before heading to the movies. Next, you can find a nice place to eat your favorite meals, then shop before rounding up with a visit to a karaoke lounge. Customize that day. Do whatever you both love doing. It could be ice skating, sky diving, swimming, drinking, or hiking. Just do what makes you happy.

No anniversary is too small to be celebrated. So, have a blast making your sixth-month anniversary memorable. Remember to be kind to one another and overlook anything that could soil the day.