7 Things You'll Regret When You Let Go Of The Best Woman You Ever Had

7 Things You’ll Regret When You Let Go Of The Best Woman You Ever Had

When you leave a great woman, you won't regret it instantly. It will be a gradual process until you realize that everything you did, you did to yourself.

We all take things for granted all the time. But, what happens when we do the same to people? If you were stupid enough to let go of a great woman, you're in for a lifetime of regrets.

At first, you'll be sure she's still pining over you. You feel as if you still own her. Yet, as time passes by, she's getting stronger, and you are stuck in the past, asking yourself what the heck you were thinking.


Every woman is unique, but when you let go of a magnificent one, you'll face numerous regrets:

Disrespecting Her

She earned your respect, but you weren't willing to show her that.

You did her a favor by choosing to let her go, but if you only showed some respect, saw her spirit crumbling down because of you, and leaving her alone on all the nights you promised you'll show up, things would probably be different.


You regret not showing her the respect she deserved. But, there's nothing you can do about it now, so hopefully, you'll learn a thing or two about great women.

Not Communicating

Once this amazing woman is out of your life, you start playing the "what if" game.

So, what if you only talked and listened to her more? Or at all? What if you gave her a fair chance?

It's not hard to live in regret, it's relatively easy. But, taking responsibility is way harder. And that's what you should do: man up and accept that you messed up. You didn't bother to hear her, and that's all on you.


Believing She'll Always Love You

For some unexplained reason, men tend to be scared of loving and caring for women.

It's true: when someone adores you, it does feel like you are being set up to fail. This wonderful woman saw you as a prince charming, and that's impossible to live up to. But, unlike in fairytales, a great, strong woman knows when it's time to face the music.

She's out of your life, you made her leave. No, she won't get over you in a heartbeat, but she'll get there. And you have the rest of your life to regret not trusting in her, in the two of you.


Taking Her For Granted

You know all those nights you weren't doing a thing, yet, you didn't even bother to call her? To tell her you missed her, or to make plans for the next day?

You are regretting it now because it was so easy, effortless, and you weren't capable of believing she was the real deal. You didn't care enough to give her everything she deserves, and now you're on your own.


Don't worry about her: once you become a distant memory, she'll find someone who will adore her in a way she always deserved.

Not Giving Her A Fair Chance

Be honest: you didn't give her a chance, because she wasn't playing games, she made everything easier for you.

True loves aren't dramatic, and they even appear dull to the outsiders. So, instead of letting her into your world, and creating a future with her, you chose the dark path.


She was magnificent, sweet, and kind, caring, and easy to love. But that's your problem: you can't be with someone who's going to be your best friend and your lover. Your head is full of macho crap, and you didn't even bother to try to change that.

You'll Regret Not Seeing Her

She was beautiful and had only eyes for you. More than that, she was willing to make compromises and put you above everyone else. And what did you do?


That's right: you didn't bother to see her smiling, to notice when she was backing away. Then you didn't see her smile turn into a grin. And finally, you never bothered to see her tears.

Your lady knew what was coming. She just needed to be sure that you really are blind. So at least you made things easier for her. Because you lost someone real and fantastic, while she only managed to find a way back to herself.


Letting Her Go

Why did you do it? Why did you let go of the best person in your life?

Unlike romcoms, life rarely gives us second chances. And by now, she's with someone else. Of course, she loved you, but she loves herself more.

You had your chances to make things right. You choose not to because your girl was always there until she wasn't.

Your only job was to love her and enjoy everything you had. But for reasons unknown, you're still here, and she's the one to let go of hurt and pain. She's still awesome, and you better pray that you will meet someone even half as great as she was.


She's no longer yours, but instead of living in regret, it's time for you to grow up, get your crap together and stop thinking the world revolves around you!