7 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Woman With A Big Heart And An Overthinking Mind

7 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Woman With A Big Heart And An Overthinking Mind

What are the traits you look for in your future partner? Of course, she must be beautiful, kind and with a big heart.

But dating a girl having a good and genuine heart can be challenging. This is because most women with big hearts are complex or can be difficult to understand. They have an overactive mind, always overthinking things.

However, these women are the most loving, truthful, and the best type of person to have a relationship with. Here is why.

1. She's An Overthinker

The mind of a woman with a big heart is always running. She never stops thinking, even if she tries to avoid the thoughts.


That's why she'll create scenarios in her mind which might not be real. It's her defense mechanism to overanalyze and overthink situations and ideas.

It's her nature to overthink, and she can't help it. But she does this to protect her heart from situations that can hurt her feelings.

2. She Appreciates Everything You Do For Her

No matter how small your efforts are to make her happy, she'll appreciate it with a big heart. However, she is the type of woman you can't satisfy or lavish with expensive gifts.


She craves a simple and happy life. She loves seeing her partner most of the time and will appreciate it when you make efforts to spend valuable time with her. She'll like it when you check on her in the morning and before going to sleep.

3. She'll Challenge You To Become A Better Person

She doesn't play games or laugh at stupid jokes. She'll keep it real and won't do something or say something just to make you love her. She is authentic. She'll encourage you to become the best person you can be.

4. She Has A Simple, Genuine Heart

When she loves you, she'll love with her whole heart and unconditionally. She has the purest heart and she is always genuine.


But she might get hurt easily because of her deep love. Some people may take advantage of her love and break her heart. But once you lose her, you'll regret it because you'll never find someone truthful, warm, and genuine like her.

5. She's An Amazing Listener

She owns a good and clean heart that makes her a great listener. She understands that you need to allow room for effective communication for you to have a healthy relationship.

Additionally, she's wise and offers honest advice. When you meet her, don't shy away from asking her for any assistance or guidance.


6. She Can Be Difficult To Deal With

A woman with a big heart can be difficult to handle. But when you win her heart, she'll become yours completely.

She'll become your best friend, your confidant, and your best lover. She'll be your all-embracing support and a partner in crime.

7. She Won't Accept Time-wasters Or A Passionless Relationship

Her motto is either all or nothing. She'll never settle for anything or someone who doesn't help her grow. Thus, in everything that you do, ensure you keep it real with her.

Therefore, when you meet such a woman in your life, love her and never let her go. She's a real treasure.