7 Things To Remember When A Guy Breaks Your Heart

Breaking up is always painful, regardless of the circumstances. Even though we eventually move on and learn from the end of a relationship, the initial stages can be difficult. Being overly harsh on yourself will not change the outcome or ease the pain. If you find yourself in this situation again, here are a few things to remember that may help you see that the separation was for the best:

1. The Right Guy Wouldn't Have Let You Go That Quickly

If he ended the relationship in person, it likely took a lot of courage for him to do so. He must have known that the two of you were not compatible. Regardless, breaking up is difficult for both parties, and a responsible person would not find pleasure in it. The right man would understand the value of what he was losing, and would make the relationship a priority. He would be deeply concerned about hurting you and would not be able to imagine a future without you in it.


2. This Doesn't Mean You're Unlovable, Or A Jerk, Or A Bitch

It simply means that you and your ex were not compatible. When a relationship ends, it is common for harsh words to be spoken as a defense mechanism. If your partner tries to belittle you and make you feel bad, it may be a sign of defensiveness or an indication that he is truly an unpleasant person. If it is the latter, it's best to move on.


3. Each Failed Relationship Is One Step Closer Towards Mr. Right

If you previously ended a relationship with a man who always had to have the last word during an argument, this behavior is likely a deal-breaker for you. If you encounter this same trait in a future partner, it should be considered a warning sign. Each relationship can teach us more about what we want and need in a partner, and can help us refine our idea of a perfect match.


4. Keep The Drama Off Of Facebook

It's important to handle a breakup in a mature manner, even if it may be difficult. Keep your feelings and issues to yourself and only share with your close friends. Avoid seeking revenge or publicly expressing your emotions to get your ex's attention. The less you involve others in your personal matters, the faster you will be able to move on. It's healthy to take a break from social media and unfollow or block your ex, at least temporarily, to avoid dwelling on the past. If you believe that there is no chance of forming a friendship or any kind of relationship with your ex in the future, it may be best to delete them entirely.


5. Let Go

It's natural to examine every aspect of a relationship after it ends. But it's important to put all those memories away, in a mental box and let them go. The relationship ended not because of a small argument or a small disagreement, but because the two of you were not meant to be together. Stop dwelling on the small details and accept that it's over. Move on from it.

6. Remember The "rose Colored Glasses" Theory

This is especially true if you have been hurt by a crush or if the relationship was short-lived. When you first met him, you likely had an idealized image of him, as he was smart, attractive, and funny. However, there were probably personality conflicts that you either overlooked or chose to ignore. These are the issues you should focus on as you heal. Nobody is perfect, and it's possible that you didn't see his true self during your brief time together.


7. You Are More Than This Relationship

You are a unique person and should not compromise your own happiness for someone else's. Now is the time to rediscover the things that make you truly happy. Perhaps you've been hiding your love for violet hair or avoided your weekly karaoke nights to please your ex. Now, you have the freedom to pursue what brings you joy.

Compromise is an important aspect of any relationship, but it's important not to lose sight of what makes you happy. Being true to yourself is crucial, and the right partner will appreciate and accept your unique characteristics and quirks, even if that includes bold hair changes.