7 Things To Remember If You Are Tired Of Fixing Broken Men

Love can make you feel invincible, like Wonder Woman, capable of rescuing a man from any situation with just your heart and soul. However, constantly repeating this can become tiresome. It's difficult to love a man who is broken because often, he can't reciprocate the love in the way you desire. If you're exhausted from constantly fulfilling your caretaking tendencies with damaged men, it's entirely reasonable.

1. It's Called A Relationship, Not Adoption

Although it can be satisfying to assist someone in their personal growth, it is not your obligation to fix a man. It is not your responsibility to raise, heal, or bring him out of a dark place. You shouldn't have to bear the burden of his emotional baggage. You are his girlfriend, not his parent, therapist, counselor, or life coach. You can't develop a healthy relationship when you're solely focused on mending your partner.

2. You Can't Save A Man Who Doesn't Want To Be Saved

Regardless of your efforts, it's not within your power to alter a person. The decision to change must come from within themselves, and they need to put in the effort towards it. If he has shut himself off to love, you cannot compel him to open up. If he lacks the ability to find happiness independently, with or without you, you cannot fabricate happiness for him. Direct your energy towards someone who is deserving of it.

3. Fixing A Man Doesn't Guarantee That He Won't Leave You

Even if you invest your entire being into fixing a man, and it works, there's still a chance he may leave you for someone who wasn't there when he was broken. After expending all your energy on him, you'll have to focus on healing yourself. Fixing him doesn't ensure his everlasting love, so why bother?

4. You Can't Blame Yourself For Not Being Able To Heal Them

I understand that you have a compassionate heart, and it can be disheartening when you realize your love cannot undo the damage that someone is not prepared to address. It's natural to feel frustrated with them and with yourself. However, it's essential to comprehend that their pain is not your responsibility, and you can't magically make it disappear. It's not always their fault either. Although they may have genuine intentions towards you, their inner turmoil may hinder the relationship from flourishing.

5. It Takes Two Whole People To Make A Healthy Relationship

Often, when a broken man falls in love, he's attempting to fill the void where his brokenness resides. He requires your presence to divert him from confronting his issues directly. Although broken men might commit to the relationship temporarily, their brokenness will eventually catch up to them. If you're not cautious, you might get dragged down with him.

6. Caring For The Broken Is Hard Work

While some broken men may be unscrupulous individuals who exploit you, others have suffered severe heartbreak and betrayal. These men don't deserve what has broken them, and they yearn to be complete once again. If a man is prepared to put in the effort to heal, then it's worthwhile to be patient with him. Approach him with caution, kindness, and encouragement. Remember that everyone has problems, and while some are more severe than others, it doesn't diminish their worthiness of love and affection.

7. It's Not Selfish To Put Yourself First

A love that shatters your soul is far from glamorous. If someone cannot provide you with what you require and merit, it's acceptable to break ties with them. Instead of devoting your time and energy into healing a man who won't value it, prioritize your own emotions. You deserve to be with a man who doesn't require you to fix him and will put in equal effort into the relationship.