7 Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

7 Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

In today's fast-paced world full of competition, it is pretty common to get to a point where you feel like giving up. All the efforts and times you invested feel daunting when that enables you to give up. The emotions of enthusiasm and excitement are followed by a chain of despair and desire to quit.

Our brains are mechanized in ways to expect immediate returns. Instant gratification is something natural for us to expect along with immediate benefits. We are so present-oriented that we get anxious and feel like giving up when we don't receive immediate results.

Once in a while, giving up can be fine, but a habit of giving up is not at all okay. You should realize that instant success is nothing but a myth. All the successful people you may have heard of have tasted failure before they could reach the heights of success.

If these people gave up then, they would not have been the winners today. So, we'll take you through 7 things that you can do whenever you feel like giving up.

Have Realistic Expectations

7 Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Expectations are typical of a human. However, it would be best to have realistic expectations instead of listening to advertisements that claim instant results. Remember, perfectionism is a myth. People around you, or sometimes, even you, might be carried away with concepts of perfectionism.

But it would help if you listened to people who have tasted the heights that you dream yourself reaching out to. Listen to people who know how to go through what you're going through and make it to the destination. Take their example to guide you through your passion and path towards your goal.

Determine The Reason You Feel Like Giving Up

7 Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

It is crucial to understand the root of the problem before you can even find its solution. Knowing the root cause will help you diagnose its solutions better. This approach is efficient both in terms of medicine and life.

You need to answer the "why" before answering the "how" of any aspect. As for why you feel like giving up on your goals, missions, or dearest people, there are many reasons. But all those reasons revolve around discomfort. As humans, comfort is all we desire. When distress, pain, and suffering become unbearable, we often tend to give up.

Once you understand the primary reason, you get the momentum to toughen yourself up and face reality.

Remind Yourself Why You Are Doing What You're Doing

7 Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

It is pretty common to lose sight of the big picture while involved with your everyday life. But if you ever feel like giving up, try walking back to why you even started doing what you are doing. The reason could be anything like supporting your family, living healthier, or exploring the world.

Write whatever you feel supports your deed strongly. And then, whenever you feel like giving up, you can look at that piece of paper to give you power. These "why's" often help to carry on with your pace.

Know That Things Get Worse Before They Get Better

7 Things You Should Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Life doesn't always turn out as expected. You would encounter several surprises and shocks in your way. It depends on you because there are always at least two approaches to everything — if one dictates light, the other rules out darkness. It is all about how you keep the balance between the two.

Days are rewarded with nights, and cold is rewarded with warmth. Therefore, when you go through an episode where you feel like giving up, remember, it is the darkness before dawn. You would not appreciate the goodness of the best days when you don't find yourself at your worst. That is just the beauty of life.

Change Your Negative Thoughts

7 Things You Should Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

If you are under the illusion of your incapability to affect change, you would never even bother trying. So if you are ever stuck with thoughts like "I cannot," "there isn't anything that I can do," and you feel like giving up, try changing such thoughts into "I will try," "I'm not sure, but I can at least try," and similar positive thoughts.

This way, positivity runs through your brain, and you start focusing on the bright side of the issue rather than the points that pull you down.

Try And Try

7 Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Once you start your journey with a positive approach and the first solution does not work effectively, you should know that giving up is not an option. Instead, you should try something else. If that fails as well, try again but with a more different approach.

It does not matter how big or small of an attempt you make to impact a change, but perseverance is the key to unfolding the clutches of your helplessness. Trying once would strengthen your perseverance, and therefore, you should try again harder to escape such shock. A small trial is much better than not attempting at all.

Build Your Motivation By Reading Success Stories

7 Things You Should Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

While some may be easily frustrated reading other people's success stories, it works wonders for others. True, it can be annoying to read other people's success stories when you are working your butt off but not approaching your goal. This is where you would feel like giving up owing to the stress and pain.

But determined people do whatever they can to reach their destination. As such, reading success stories of other people, perhaps with resonating goals and dreams, can help you get inspired or motivated. It can be a famous personality like Mark Zuckerberg or even a close relative like your uncle or aunt.

Final Thoughts

7 Things You Should Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

When you do not believe enough in yourself, you typically feel like giving up. Without self-belief, you cannot convince yourself to do anything. All the points you came across in this blog ask you to do something whenever you feel like giving up.

Motivation and determination are something you have to have within to keep you on your track towards your goal. But you can do all of those only when you have the ultimate belief in yourself. Remember, there is no luck without you investing your efforts in it.

For further assistance, please consult a mental health professional.