7 Things That Prove You Fell In Love With The Wrong Person

7 Things That Prove You Fell In Love With The Wrong Person

Loving is one thing, but loving the right person is completely another. If you love a partner from hell, your life will be terrible and love will turn into a force that enslaves you to a life of pain and misery.

Needless to say, you don't have to live this way. But before you pull the plug on the relationship, here's how you can be sure you loved the wrong person.

1. They Exhaust You

I am not talking about having fun with your partner until you ask for a time out, but having someone suck your energy until you feel stressed and hopeless.

The right partner should fill your life with positive energy.

2. There's No Spark

Sure, there was a spark in the beginning. However, things have gotten boring and you feel like there's nothing between you except the love you feel for them.

This is a clear sign that your love is not being reciprocated. A good relationship should never bore you.

3. You Always Defend Yourself To Them

Have you felt the need to defend yourself around some people? It's not fun being around such people, right?

To some people, you just feel that they have the worst impression of you and that it's all made up. If your partner brings out this feeling in you, then it goes to show they don't love you as well as they should.

4. You Make Most Of The Effort

A relationship needs work, you know that. And in a healthy relationship, every partner plays an important role.

But if you find out that you practically do everything necessary to keep the relationship going, then something is not right. Someone who loves you will put in as much effort as they can to make the relationship work instead of letting you run the whole show.

5. You Don't Enjoy Doing Things With Them

This is a big one. It is one of the strongest signals that you should end things and move on as soon as you can.

When you hear that you will spend some quality time with someone you love, you should be ecstatic, not fearful or bored.

6. You No Longer See The Possibility Of Having A Future Together

When you imagine where you will be in 10 years' time, you don't see your partner being part of the picture.

Instead, you think of life in another city, holding down a different job, and so forth. But you don't see them as part of that narrative.

That, my friend, is a sign that love is no longer the bond that keeps you together. It might be time to move on.

7. You Want To Keep Them Away From Those You Love

When you think of the possibility that the person might meet your friends and family, you feel dreadful. You don't want this person around those you love and care about.

That's weird because deep down, we want those we love and care about to know each other and get along. But if you are embarrassed about someone being around people you care about, then it's a sign that maybe their love for you is not what you need, no matter how much you love them.

In theory, love is easy to understand. But in practice, it's very complicated because you finally realize that there is a right and a wrong way to be loved.

So, if you are having doubts about the love your partner has for you, confirm if you fell for the wrong person or not and change your life.