7 Things Only People Who Have Lost A Loved One Will Understand

7 Things Only People Who Have Lost A Loved One Will Understand

In our life, we meet new people as well as experience new things almost every day. Some of the people we come across can turn out to be kind to us and become our best friends or loved ones. But there are those who'll wreak havoc and cause terror in our lives.

Sometimes we take people who are close to us for granted. But when we lose them, we are left grieving and wishing we could bring them back. And when we are in mourning, not everyone understands what we're experiencing, unless they've been in a similar situation before.

1. You'll Live With Regrets About The Loss

Regardless of the situation surrounding the loss, you're still going to lament it. You'll regret not telling them how much you loved them once more. Or how important they were to you and how much they meant to you.

You'll also regret not valuing them more, and the time you spent together. You'll wish you could prolong the relationship you had. Even if you try avoiding these feelings, they'll still stay in your mind.

2. Even The Smallest Things Will Pull You Down

You will feel emotionally fragile. Their favorite perfumes and the bed they never made will bring you sadness. The way they talked, laughed, and smelled will bring back a rush of pain caused by their absence.

Knowing that you'll never feel their presence again will pull you down. And if by accident you see or smell something that reminds you about them, it'll whip you around with despair, and make you wish they could appear in front of you.

3. You'll Dwell On The Memories, And Best Moments You Shared Together

You will often miss the moments they made you laugh, feel content, cry, or rage. Every little moment will remain meaningful and singular to you when you lose your loved one.

At first, it'll break your heart even to think or remember the good times you spent with them. But with time, you'll look at these happy moments and smile. The memories will give you warmth when you feel like you are drowning in grief.

4. Sometimes You'll Feel Like They're Right Beside You

Even when people tell you to let go of them, there will be moments when you'll feel like the person you lost is beside you. Although they aren't there in the physical sense, your heart will make you believe that the warmth around you is a way of them telling you that things will get better.

5. You're Better At Empathizing With Others Who Are Grieving

You understand how to empathize with people better. Because you're experiencing so much pain and grief, you can fully understand someone else's grief.

If you come across a person experiencing sadness or who is in mourning, you'll understand their pain better than others. You're having similar spells of sorrow and you know how a person in the same situation feels.

6. The Pain Never Goes Away

It's wrong to assume that the pain of losing a loved one will go away. But it doesn't. It only lessens with time.

At random moments, the memories can come out from nowhere. You'll feel the pain of losing your loved one when you remember you'll never see them again.

7. You'll Find It Difficult To Move On

You understand that life has to go on despite the loss, but you don't know how to move on. You also understand it's unhealthy to dwell on the pain, but you don't know how to let it go.

Some people move on faster than others. It might feel like moving on is disrespecting the memories of your loved one.

But with time, you'll realize they wouldn't want you to regret or suffer while you're alive. You'll understand that the best way to honor their memories is by sharing your love and happiness with others.