7 Things Everyone Deserves From A Relationship

7 Things Everyone Deserves From A Relationship

When it comes to love, there's no settling. You should follow your heart and listen to your mind. There are several things each person deserves to get from a relationship unless they're ready to be part of a toxic union.

Not only that you deserve someone who'll choose you every day and be ready to love you unconditionally, but you also deserve to find someone who'll thank their lucky stars for having you. And that's only possible if you're ready to be in a mature, healthy relationship since the partnership is a two-way street.


Here are seven magic things you should give and accept from your partner:


If a person says that they love you, they should respect you. You can't be in a healthy, growing relationship without respect.

They should respect your decisions, opinions, even when they disagree. Your voice is valuable, just as your partner's.



Though it's impossible to be happy all the time or to avoid life's obstacles, your relationship should give you a good dose of happiness.

Through mutual respect, adventures, and security, your partnership will thrive. And more importantly, togetherness will make each difficulty easier.


Well, you can't expect your partner to accept you if you're not accepting yourself fully. Before even entering a relationship, you should question your sense of who you are and what you need.


If you are aware of your nature, your partner should accept it fully, with your good and bad sides. Naturally, you'll want to change the little things, because you want to, but mostly, the decision is up to you.


Emotional support is the invisible cloak of security and approval. An excellent support system means that you don't have to deal with the weight of the world on your shoulders.


There's also that moment when you get home, tired, and dinner's on the table, and the house is clean. Your partner knew your day would be hell, so they did something to show they honor you, and you can count on them. That's love.


Passion and intimacy go hand in hand. They make your relationship whole.

A close, intimate bond is more than great sex. It's that feeling of belonging to someone, feeling safe just by talking to them, about everything and nothing. You need to feel desirable and wanted, otherwise, you two aren't lovers, you are friends.



From little surprises to grand gestures, every love story has to be full of adventures.

Adventure means caring, planning, investing time and energy to make each other happy, experience new things. It can be traveling, or something much more straightforward, but get creative, and it might inspire your partner.


Unconditional love

No one can promise you forever. Instead, what they can promise you is that there are no boundaries to their love. So what's the difference?

We can't see into the future, and all we have is now. So, now, your partner should give you all the support, help, acceptance, and love. Even if it doesn't work out, at least both of you will know what mature love feels like.


A good, healthy relationship will open the door to many wonderful experiences, and make it easier for you to grow and deal with life problems. You deserve to feel love, to be happy and appreciated.