7 Things A Good Woman Won't Tolerate In A Relationship

7 Things A Good Woman Won’t Tolerate In A Relationship

A good woman is rare but if found, a total bliss! She compliments her man perfectly. She makes up for his shortcomings, accepts and deals with his flaws, and loves him for who he is, not for what he is or what he possesses. All she needs and wants is a man who will love her back and not feel intimidated by her achievements.

If you are fortunate enough to find a good woman, here are 7 things she won't tolerate in a relationship and from which you should flee.


A good woman will remain faithful to you. Flirting with other men whether by actions or ambiguous conversations isn't her turf. As her man, she won't tolerate you cheating on her when she has never done that to you.


Do not lie about your past, present, or plans for the future. If there is something you are not willing to tell her, it's better to tell her that you can't discuss it with her just yet or tactfully waive it.
A good woman is lucid and expecting you to be the same isn't too much to ask. If out of fear of likely consequences, you tell a lie, it is better to come clean at a later time when she's probably more approachable before you get found out. Owning up to your mistakes and apologizing quickly and sincerely can help diffuse a tense situation.


This doesn't just involve disrespecting her, it also involves disrespecting others. The way you treat your siblings or the way you talked to that waiter or that kid that ran into you unintentionally is a foreshadow of how you will treat her. She will take these things to heart and draw conclusions. What about how you talk to her in the presence of your friends? Do you value her opinion or just discard them? A good woman deserves her man's respect. If you can't give her this much, you don't deserve her.

Lame excuses

True, we sometimes make excuses for our actions. But constantly making excuses for our wrong actions has no place in any relationship. You should be able to own up to your mistakes instead of making up lame excuses. Don't avoid taking responsibility for your actions. If you keep making excuses each time you do something wrong, in the long run, you'll lose that good woman because she won't tolerate it.

Enforcing that " You're the Man"

Using every opportunity to remind her that you're the man in your relationship is toxic. When she makes suggestions, you ignore them because as the Man only your idea is workable and acceptable. You want to be the one who solely makes all the decisions, giving her no place in the process. You want her to continually reassure you of your masculinity. Well, a good woman needs to feel relevant. If you can't allow her to compliment you, she won't stay.

Being unsupportive

A good, strong woman is often independent. She sets goals for herself and works hard to achieve them. As her man, she wants you to celebrate her achievements with her. Support her by praising her for her good work. She doesn't need a man who feels insecure because of her success, or a man who criticizes her achievements because he hasn't accomplished as much.

Being unreliable

A good woman deserves a reliable man. The fact that she's strong doesn't mean that she does not need a pillar of support. She needs to be able to look at a large audience, spot you, and be assured. But if you never show up when needed or are constantly late, you just show her her place in your life; someone you can't go out of your way for, who comes after other more important things. Such flakiness is intolerable for a woman who knows her worth.