7 Texting Stereotypes Everyone Hates: Which Category Do You Fall Into?

7 Texting Stereotypes Everyone Hates: Which Category Do You Fall Into?

Today, everyone is texting, and it is no wonder we have so many texting stereotypes.

Texting has become the most common form of communication in the world. We use it for everything from just dropping urgent messages to strengthening our romantic relationships. It is a global phenomenon that has developed as technology has advanced. By sending emojis, photos, and files of all sorts, texting is more fun than ever.

Each person has developed their unique style of texting. When messaging the same person for some time, you can tell what they mean by how they respond to your texts because you get used to their specific texting style.

However, as in everything else, there are groups of people who tend to text similarly, and in these groups of people arise texting stereotypes. Sometimes these habits are cute and funny, but more often than not, we find them annoying. Below, you can find seven texting stereotypes that we all hate.

1) The Emoji Abuser

7 Texting Stereotypes Everyone Hates: Which Category Do You Fall Into?

Oh, we all know someone who uses more emojis than words while texting! Emojis were fun when they were introduced at first - you could tell someone how you were feeling by sending a smiley face of your choosing. But, recently, with the addition of all types of emojis like animals, flags, food, zodiac signs, and many more, one can type a sentence without using a single word.

An emoji abuser is a person who exactly does that. Sometimes, talking to them is like deciphering a pictogram. Maybe they use emojis to save time or to "show off" their skills in texting. One thing is for sure - abusing the usage of emojis is a texting stereotype that none of us like.

2) The Late Replier

6 Texting Stereotypes We Hate

Why is it that when you text this person, they never reply? One of the main advantages of texting is that it is fast. Not for the people who fall under these texting stereotypes.

Whatever their reason may be, replying to someone's texts this late is never a good sign. The late repliers will do anything before they answer your texts. Sometimes, they just ignore your messages and leave you wondering about their response.

We don't ask for the replies to be instant - right at the second of sending our text. But, it gets on our nerves when we are left for hours, even days, without a reply. It's just a text!

3) The Audio Sender

7 Texting Stereotypes We Hate

Sending an audio message is a great feature that all devices have. For example, it is perfect for getting back to people when you are driving, and you cannot type and risk your life.

However, messaging is meant for sending messages, not audio! One of the worst texting stereotypes is when a person keeps replying to your texts with audio clips. Nobody likes the process. Audio clips take a long time to record and listen to, especially if talking about something important.

Sending an audio clip of a simple sentence is fine, but when it turns into a minute-long monologue - there is simply no time!

4) The Photographer

6 Texting Stereotypes Everyone Hates: Which Category Do You Fall Into?

Capturing the moment and sharing it with the person you are texting is great for many reasons. Sometimes the situation just can't be described in words, like when you visit a beautiful place in nature and want to tell about your experience to the person you are texting. In this case, it is much easier to take a photo or a video and send it to them.

It is all fun and games until the person you are texting becomes a full-fledged photograph, replying to your texts almost exclusively with photos. Most of these photos don't even make sense, either.

More often than not, they are just low-quality, shaken pictures of their face with a caption that THEY TYPE. If you were going to type your answer on a photo and then send it, why not just reply with the text straightaway?

Receiving and opening photos and videos time and time again is not efficient. They take too much time - taking away the best texting quality, making the photograph a texting stereotype none of us like.

5) The Misspeller

7 Texting Stereotypes Everyone Hates: Which Category Do You Fall Into?

Texting is relatively easy until the person you are texting replies back with a message you cannot make out. It is common for a slight misspell to slip out while texting - after all, we type so quickly that it is genuinely remarkable how used to it our fingers and brains become. But, nobody likes a message that is full of spelling errors.

The misspeller is probably the most common of the texting stereotypes we hate. Its effects may be different because different people make different kinds of mistakes while typing. Yes, it is not precisely eye-pleasing to see a grammatical or a spelling error in a text, but it becomes super annoying when it turns to complete nonsense that even autocorrect cannot fix.

6) The Meme Enthusiast

7 Texting Stereotypes We Hate

Memes have taken the world by storm in the early 2010s. We can find them everywhere on our social media, and more often than not, we smirk at them and scroll away. Sometimes, however, when we like a particular meme, we want to share it with our friends, just like anything else that catches our attention.

But some people cannot stop! We all have a friend who is a meme enthusiast - someone that keeps sending us memes no matter our reaction. Yes, we might text them a laughing emoji back the first couple of times, but over time we tend to ignore their messages and don't even react to them anymore. Just like everything else on this list, if you do it every once in a while, it's OK to deal with, but when it becomes your sole texting habit, then you become a texting stereotype we all hate.

7) The Abbreviator

6 Texting Stereotypes Everyone Hates: Which Category Do You Fall Into?

The abbreviator is another common texting stereotype. While shortening common phrases and expressions is helpful, sometimes, texting a friend who contracts all of their texts into a 3-4 letter word can make us frustrated.

Even though it is a phenomenon found mostly in younger generation texters, using texting abbreviations has become something all of us do now and then.

Using these abbreviations saves time, sure, but when someone types a whole paragraph full of them, you can quickly get confused and misunderstand the meaning. And, admitting that you don't understand some of them can make you seem uncool and as someone who does not keep up with the latest trends when in reality you just want to find out what the abbreviator is saying.

So, how many of these texting stereotypes are you guilty of?