7 Tell-Tale Signs That You've Discovered Your Soulmate

7 Tell-tale Signs That You’ve Discovered Your Soulmate

Let's be honest - relationships are complicated and sometimes confusing, no matter how old you are. But sometimes, we get lucky and meet that special person that brings color to our life.

It can happen when you least expect it - finding that one person who speaks to your soul and touches your heart. Your soulmate.

Several tell-tale signs will let you know you've found that someone. Knowing whether or not that awesome person you're in love with is actually your soulmate can be tricky.

But if you lookout for the following signs, you'll be able to tell if you've found The One.

1. You Can't/Won't Imagine Life Without That Person

Thinking about a future without this person is impossible. It's like anything that does not involve them just can't exist.

They're your source of happiness and hope and everything you've ever dreamt of. Without them, you would fade away into nothingness.

2. You Share in Their Pain and Sorrow

Nothing connects two souls the way pain does. It's not something that is easy to explain.

You'll feel your loved one's sadness and pain, sometimes very intensely. If you're able to share emotions in this way, it is an excellent sign for your future together.

3. You Have Mutual Respect

You and your soulmate will be able to accept and adore each other just the way you are. There will be no requests to change, and respect will be mutual and deep.

Soulmates can love unconditionally, but they also bring out the best in each other. This kind of respect grows out of knowing each other inside and out.

4. You Value Each Other's Space

In a relationship with your soulmate, you'll find that neither loses their individuality. Though you love spending as much time as possible together, you also allow each other time apart.

Giving each other space is significant and a key part of a healthy relationship. Soulmates even encourage each other to pursue hobbies and activities that focus on being apart. This is not to be 'rid of each other' but to allow personal growth.

5. You Don't Notice Other People

When you've found your soulmate, you won't notice that hot person walking by. You won't even look twice when an attractive person is trying to get your attention.

There will be no thoughts of other people. We're not talking about friends here, but rather potential partners.

You would have found your life partner and won't feel like you need to keep your options open, 'just in case.'

6. Pure and Real Chemistry

There was a spark the moment you met your soulmate. Something just clicked, as if all the rotating gears in the world were firmly in place and everything was as it should be.

You'll feel as if your souls have reached out to each other and connected on a whole new level. The attraction is spiritual as well as physical.

You won't be able to deny that you want to be with this person in every possible way.

7. Feeling Unlike Anything Else

When you have found your soulmate, you'll be drowning in new emotions and feelings that bring joy and happiness. You finally know the meaning of true love - the kind you only see in movies.

You won't be able to compare what you feel to anything you've felt before. Chances are, you will never feel like this with anyone else. These 7 tell-tale signs show that you've discovered your soulmate.