7 Steps To Keep Your Positivity In A Negative World

7 Steps To Keep Your Positivity In A Negative World

It seems as if the world is falling apart. Before you even try to save it, first learn to protect yourself.

There's no reason to sugarcoat it: the world's a mess and finding ways to stay positive takes effort. All the bad things around us are challenging to our bodies, minds, and souls. But 7 simple steps will help you be a happier, healthier person.


Leave your phone at home, and go for a run, a walk in the park, or a bicycle ride.

Don't let cell phones or any other electronic gadgets interrupt your sleep.

While you're eating, leave the phone in another room, even if you're at work.

Social media can be a useful tool, but if you're spending hours scrolling, it will impact your mental health.

Replace your laptop for nature and relax. Soak in the colors, smells, sounds; they are the fuel to your clarity and positivity.

Hug more

It's a scientific fact that hugging boosts the immune system.

Hugging opens the door to intimacy, and it can even help a person struggling with anxiety attacks.

It is a small and overlooked gesture of support, with numerous benefits to both of you.


Play a cute video of puppies playing or your favorite comedy.

Gather your friends and indulge in a game of twister, or yatzy. People laugh at all kinds of things, but the point is that laughter is going to help you maintain your positivity.

Work on your overall health

Meditate, sleep, be responsible for your health.

Try yoga or pilates, dance lessons, or even kickboxing. Do your best to improve your health. It's a fantastic way to get rid of the negativity around you.

Media pressure

We are living in some of the craziest times in history. With so many world issues, even the kids are experiencing anxiety brought to them by the power of mass media.

You can't ignore the whole world, but you can try not to get emotionally invested. If something is happening in your area, that's almost impossible, but the dwelling won't help anyone.

Surround yourself with real friends

It's only natural for people to have bad days, but if someone's consistently negative, it's their problem. Don't let them get to you.

Your friends will help you shine, and you'll return the favor. The more time you spend with the right, kind people, the more likely you'll pick up their best characteristics.

Take action

Instead of feeling defeated by all the negativity in the world, act locally. Pick a cause close to your heart, volunteer, and discover that one small act of kindness can make a difference.

Get your friends and family involved, and in the process, don't forget to be grateful for everything you have, and everything that you are.