7 Stages The Dumper Goes Through After A Breakup

The experience of going through a bad breakup is something that many people can relate to. However, the focus is often on the perspective of the person who was dumped. But what about the person who ended the relationship? They are often portrayed as the villain in the story, but the reality is that the situation is often more complex than that. There may be valid reasons for ending a relationship, and it's not always about something superficial like "loving too much". This article will explore the 7 stages that individuals who have ended a relationship go through after the breakup has occurred.

1. They'll Check All The Socials

When you are blindsided by a breakup, it can be hard to accept that the other person may also be curious about your activities. Both parties may find themselves checking each other's social media accounts to see what they may have missed, while also hoping to see something new. This can be a difficult and confusing situation, as it can feel like you are checking for something that is not there until it is. Even if you are heartbroken, it can be hard to resist the urge to check the social media of your ex, and they may be doing the same.

2. They'll Ask Friends About You

After a breakup, you may come across your ex in various settings such as shared friends or mutual friends' social media, it can be hard to avoid him. Even if you don't hear about him directly, he may likely be inquiring about you. If the thought of him reaching out satisfies you, that's understandable.

3. They'll Overthink How It Went

Even though it might not feel like it, a breakup is not a one-sided event. Both parties have things to reflect on, regardless of how the relationship ended. You may find yourself thinking about how your actions or choices may have contributed to the breakup. For example, you might be reflecting on how you prioritize friends over your partner and how that might have led to the relationship's downfall. It's important to remember that both parties are responsible for the breakdown of the relationship and it's not just one person's fault.

4. They'll Reread Old Messages

It is natural for both parties in a breakup to look back and reflect on what could have been. Even if they believe that ending the relationship was the right decision, they may still miss certain aspects of the relationship. This is normal and should not be a cause for worry. It's important to remember that both parties are going through the same emotions and you are not alone in your feelings. It is important to take care of yourself and not stress too much about it. And don't forget, you are a witty texter.

5. They Will Inevitably Rebound

It is important to keep in mind that the person who initiated the breakup may have already been mentally and emotionally preparing for it before the actual breakup occurred. This means that they may be ready to move on before you are. It's important not to feel guilty when you feel ready to move on, and also not to feel pressure to recover on a certain timeline. Everyone moves on at their own pace. It's important to take the time you need to heal and not rush into anything before you're ready.

6. They'll Experience Regret

It's important to understand that even the person who initiates the breakup may have moments of doubt or regret. They may have feelings of panic, questioning their decision and wondering if they will find love again. It's important to remember that these feelings are normal and that we all have them. But it's important not to get caught up in regret as it can hold us back from moving on and finding happiness in the future. Regret is often tied to a sense of loss and fear for the future, and it may not take into account the positive aspects of the relationship or the reasons for its ending.

7. They'll Feel Relief

It's common for people to experience relief after deciding to end a relationship, even though it may be painful at the moment. It's important to remember that breakups often happen for a reason, and it can be a sign of deeper issues within the relationship that were not being addressed. The goal is to focus on the long-term future and not to get caught up in the present pain. It's important to remember that everything happens for a reason, and. with time, you will come to understand and accept that.

In a way, those who initiate a breakup and those who are on the receiving end have more in common than one might think. Both have taken a courageous step to demand something more for themselves, whether it be ending a relationship that is not fulfilling or taking the leap to initiate a breakup. It's important to remember that this decision is ultimately for the betterment of both parties in the long term. It's okay to grieve and process your emotions, it's healthy to take the time you need to heal. But also keep in mind that the person who initiated the breakup is also going through the same process.