7 Signs You're Happy Being Single And Why That's Awesome

7 Signs You’re Happy Being Single And Why That’s Awesome

The pressure of coupling up is annoying and even unhealthy. You're single, by choice, but people won't accept it. If you have any doubts about being solo and fabulous, here are seven signs you're just that, so let others deal with it. Not your problem!

There's nothing wrong with staying single, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to be in a relationship. We are all different, but people have this idea that your life will change when you find the one. Maybe they are right in some cases, but chances are you are more comfortable being on your own.


Staying single is a life choice, and more and more people are finding that happiness is not in being coupled up. Here's how to know that you're one of them:

You're enjoying getting to know yourself

The best and the most significant relationship we have is the one with ourselves. The road of self-discovery is never-ending, but you love every step of it.


It all comes down to "you do you," and while some might say it's selfish, it's quite the opposite. What's selfish is being with someone so that you're not alone.

You don't like dating

It's not that you dislike the idea of going on a date. You don't want to make time for dating, and it's your choice. It's not your priority, in fact, you enjoy time with friends and family, but being coupled up is not your cup of tea.


Who's to say you aren't right? No one really, since even psychologists agree that not everyone wants to be in a relationship!

There's so much to explore

A healthy relationship will allow you to see and enjoy things on your own. But, you are already enjoying doing things your way, so why bother changing it?


You love art shows, music, and movie festivals, and you don't mind having fancy dinners alone or with besties. You tried dating, but you feel more freedom when you're independent.

Your idea of family isn't traditional

Your grandmother might not approve, but you don't need to be a part of a conventional household. It gives you anxiety because you already have this great life and all you need to constant self-improvement.


As long as you're happy, that's all that truly matters. You aren't a loner, and you love your friends to death, but you don't want a partner. You may change your mind, but for now, you are rocking the single life. The rest doesn't matter. Sorry, grandma!

It's solitary, not loneliness

Some people will feel lonely despite having a white picket fence and two kids. The other will feel solitude despite being alone.


If your idea of a perfect vacation or a night staying in doesn't include a partner, listen to your heart. You are merely functioning better alone.

Your bed, your rules

Empty bed freaks some people out. But you love that your space, especially your bed, isn't empty: you sleep in it!

You don't want to share your space and make compromises unless it's for the greater good. Again, is that selfish? Nope, you're not hurting anyone, and you're very much a social being minus the partner.


You love your work

Maybe the love of your life isn't a person. Perhaps it's what you do.

If your work is your passion, and it makes you feel good, people should stop labeling you and focus on their lives. You are not doing the best you can: you are doing better than most and take pride in what you do.

It's great that you know who you are and what you want. Don't let the pressure turn you into something you're not. Love your single life, and be grateful you're nailing the art of self-love. What others say, well, that's just noise!