7 Signs You Need To Break Up With Your Partner Even If You Still Love Them

7 Signs You Need To Break Up With Your Partner Even If You Still Love Them

They say love conquers all, but there are also times when it takes more than love. And if you are in a relationship where there is clearly some love, and yet it is not heading anywhere, the mature thing to do is to walk away and stop forcing things.

Sure all relationships can face some challenges and still stay strong, but these hardships should help you grow as a couple and as individuals. But when the issues in your relationship keep getting worse and worse and giving you more and more reasons to call it quits, then it's time to see the writing on the wall and let each other go.

True the love between you could be deep, and the chemistry could be palpable and undeniable, but if you are also a constant source of misery to each other, then that is not love but bondage.

The trick is to get out before it's too late. The longer you wait, the worse you two will be when the relationship finally reaches its inevitable ugly end. And with that, here are some salient signs that your relationship with your partner is well past its sell-by date, despite the strong love you share.

1. You make all the effort in your relationship

Relationships are two-way streets – every party has to pitch in. But if you are always making the effort, then you should find someone who loves you enough to meet you halfway so that you don't wear yourself out in the name of love.

2. You are never in the same place in the relationship

If the timing is always a problem, then it's time to seriously reconsider the relationship. For instance, you want to take things further, and they don't.

3. The relationship has not made you a better person

Good and healthy relationships help the partners build each other up so that they become better people. So, if the relationship makes you worse over time, then you can obviously understand that it will eventually lead you nowhere good. The truth is that a relationship that makes you worse is worse than no relationship at all.

4. You're 'everything' to them

If that's true, then it's unhealthy. It puts you under a lot of pressure, and that can have explosive outcomes. You need to have other relationships besides the one you share with your romantic partner.

5. You have dramatically different life goals

You want kids, while they don't want any kids at all. Such irreconcilable future goals should be reason enough to walk away from the relationship.

6. They have no intention of growing or maturing

Love progresses, and it matures over time. But if your partner does not grow in the love you share, then soon you will be in different places and your relationship will be very unhealthy.

7. There is no trust in the relationship

This is a big red flag. A relationship devoid of trust will never be safe for you, as you will always wonder where you stand and what might happen next. A good loving relationship should give you safety and assurance in a world where you cannot take people at their face value. So, if you are not getting that, then it might be high time you moved on and explored other romantic prospects.