7 Signs That You're Not Meant To Be Together

7 Signs That You’re Not Meant To Be Together

Nobody gets into a relationship with someone they feel is incompatible with them. Sometimes we find people that we like and things start fantastic, but then after you start to get to know each other, you realize it just isn't going to work out. Other times we stay in relationships that are bad or unhealthy for us, without realizing that this is not how it's supposed to be. It can be tough to tell if what you're going through in a relationship is just a phase or a toxic mess. Thankfully relationship experts have some excellent advice for those of us struggling with the decision to stay in a relationship or break up. Experts say if your relationship exhibits any or all of these signs, you probably shouldn't be together.


If your partner does not enjoy spending time with you, or always has excuses to avoid spending time together, it's possible that your partner doesn't feel like you connect in the way they want you to. Maybe they're not into the same types of things that you are. This doesn't mean spending 24/7 together. It's good to have your own space sometimes, but if your partner doesn't take a few minutes out of their day to connect with you, or give up a Friday night now and then to hang with you, that's a sure sign that this isn't a relationship for you.


If you can't talk to your partner about anything that you feel, especially when it is about them, without them getting mad, then this is clearly not the relationship for you. You should be able to be open about anything you think or feel in a relationship, and you should feel comfortable doing so. Without proper communication, there will always be hurt feelings and arguments.


Now cheating doesn't always mean just sex. If you or your partner are not committed to each other on both an emotional and sexual level, you're for sure not going to make it. Many people stay in relationships while they have emotional relationships with other people. This hurts your partner just as much as cheating sexually.


It doesn't matter what the lie is about. If you or your partner feel the need to lie about anything, big or small, then you are probably not meant to be together. Lying about things makes you lose trust, and when you lose trust, it is tough to get back. Little lies turn into big lies and often spiral out of control. You should be with someone who you can trust, and who can trust you.


Everyone has negative things about them. Whether it's an attitude, a way of life, lack of income, etc., it's just how life is. No one can be perfect. If you're in a relationship where the negative aspects are getting worse, that's a sign to get out of the relationship. If your partner's attitude changes for the worse, or they've been unemployed for some time, or they aren't as tidy as they used to be, talk to them about it. If telling them how you feel about their negative behaviors and it does not help, or they continue to get worse, then it's time to re-evaluate your relationship.


It's normal for sex to become less frequent in a relationship after some time. If the sex completely stops happening, something may be wrong. Sometimes in relationships when a person isn't ready to settle with one person, they will wonder and instead of getting it at home, they get it elsewhere. After a long time together, some people also get bored with sex and the routine of it, so it tends to stop. This often leads to break-ups because usually when one person doesn't want sex, the other does.


If your partner has no ambition, where can you go in life with them? If your partner doesn't want a job or doesn't want to go to school, they may be just expecting to live off of you for a free ride. If someone is committed to spending life with you, they will strive to make your life together with good. Spending life with someone who has no ambition guarantees life to be harder for you, as you will have to be the one to work harder because they don't want to.