7 Signs That Shows You Are Demisexual

Are you a demisexual or becoming asexual? Typically, a demisexual is a person who doesn’t experience sexual desires or attractions with someone unless they develop strong emotional connections with them. According to sexuality experts, demisexuals are not attracted to anybody of a specific gender. However, when they get emotionally connected to someone, whether close friendship or a romantic lover, they experience sexual desires, but only towards that particular person. Demisexuality brings a new dimension to how individuals perceive sex or sexual connection with others. Here are seven signs you will discover that you are probably a demisexual.

The idea of a one-night stand freaks you out

One sign of a demisexual is that you don’t understand the reason for having meaningless sex. You can’t comprehend how a person finds pleasure in a relationship that does not involve emotions. You also perceive it as impossible to derive satisfaction from a single night of intimacy without first establishing strong emotional connections with a person.

Your relationships start with friendship

You typically find it essential to consider your partners, first as good friends before getting into a relationship. You also believe that there should be strong emotional connections between two people before involving in a romantic relationship. For example, in your previous relationships, your partners were initially friends before they became your girlfriends or boyfriends.

Sometimes sex is repulsive to you

Many people are turned on by thoughts of having sex with a person they admire or find attractive, but you don’t. Others may view you as an asexual with no sexual attractions to anyone. While according to you, sex is a purely physical manifestation of something nobler and exceptional that results from a strong emotional bond.

You don’t always understand your friends

Your rare and unique approach to relationships doesn’t allow you to agree with your closest friends in matters of love and sex. For instance, you don’t understand how they are merely caught up in the physical and the lustful interpretation of relationships. Romantic terms such as ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ confuse you as you view guys according to other perspectives such as kind, attractive, or charming.

You lust after people’s personalities abilities

The personalities of a person are what make them beautiful, according to you. For example, you date a guy who is intelligent, insightful, or kind, not those with good looks or buff bodies. If a person doesn’t have intelligent conversations or show emotions, they are attracted to you.

You’re not afraid of commitment

Another sign that shows you are a demisexual is that, when you get into a relationship, you’re always ready to give your maximum and everything you have. You understand the commitment as something inherent in relationships, and you even perceive it as a privilege to be with someone you can fully commit.

Adult movies do nothing for you

When you watch a film that involves intimacy and lovemaking, you don’t get sexually aroused. You require more than sexual images for you to get sexual. For example, you first need to establish a close relationship with a person and have a connection before you can become aroused.