7 Signs He's Treating You Like An Option Rather Than His #1 Choice

If you've been in a relationship for a few weeks or even a few months and things seem to be progressing positively, there's still a nagging feeling that you may not be a top priority for your partner. If any of the following signs are present, your intuition is likely correct.

1. Everything Is According To His Schedule

Whenever you propose plans to spend time with him, he frequently claims to be occupied with other activities. However, he occasionally manages to find time to see you on Tuesday afternoons or late on Saturday nights, after he finishes hanging out with his male friends. Regardless of when you request to meet, there always seems to be some kind of conflict, and you always have to accommodate his schedule; he never adjusts his schedule to suit yours.

2. He Doesn't Think Twice About Canceling Plans

Whenever another opportunity arises, which seems to happen frequently, he doesn't express much regret for canceling your plans again. To make matters worse, he often cancels at the last minute, perhaps an hour before you were supposed to get together. If you find yourself struggling to keep track of how many times he's bailed on you, it's a significant issue.

3. He Ignores Your Texts But Gets Mad When You Don't Reply Right Away

You reach out to him via text with a query or just to check in on how he's doing, only to receive no response. He takes hours to reply, and occasionally he doesn't respond at all for days. However, if the roles were reversed and you were the one who didn't reply right away, it appears to infuriate him. That's a classic example of a double standard!

4. He Hasn't Deleted His Dating Profiles

He claims that he's no longer using his dating profiles, but since you have no way of verifying this, you're unsure. Furthermore, he hasn't given any explanation as to why he hasn't deleted them. Whenever you raise the issue, he avoids the topic or offers weak excuses like not remembering his password. It's quite clear that he's not being truthful.

5. He Rarely Wants To Spend The Night Or Invites You To

He's willing to visit you for a sexual encounter, but after it's over, he quickly departs. Although he may have stayed over once or twice, it was only because he unintentionally fell asleep, not because he intended to. The same applies when you're at his place; he's never directly told you to leave, but he doesn't make you feel comfortable staying either.

6. He's Vague And Non-committal About Future Plans

You're not asking him to make long-term plans such as choosing baby names or selecting a wedding venue. You're merely inquiring whether he wants to join you to see Robyn in a few weeks, but even that seems to be a challenge for him to commit to. He frequently responds with "maybe" or "I'll have to see," causing you to question why he's having difficulty making definite plans.

7. He Likes To Remind You About How You're "just Having Fun"

He often talks about how much he enjoys spending time with you and how much "fun" he's having. While these comments aren't inherently negative, they become problematic when he repeatedly mentions them as a way of reminding you that he's not taking your relationship seriously. It would be best to end things with him and find someone who genuinely appreciates you instead of wasting any more time. You deserve better.