7 Secrets That All Women Keep

7 Secrets That All Women Keep

Ladies, it's no secret that we all have secrets! There are so many things that we aren't always quick to tell our significant others; Whether we are telling little white lies to spare feelings or just not telling them because it's never brought up, we've got secrets! Women often tend to keep the same type of secrets as other women do, and it's actually more common for women to hide these things than you think! We've compiled a list of the most common secrets that women keep. Do you keep any of these secrets?

1. We say no to gifts or food

We may say no, but we never mean it. We're always up for gifts, and we're definitely always hungry. If we say no, give it to us anyway!

2. We check up on our exes

We check up on our partner's ex and our own exes on Facebook. Not necessarily because we miss them or are jealous, but more to see how miserable they are, what an upgrade we are, or to simply pass the time.

3. We know about our partners

ALL about our partners! It's not like we're crazy or anything, but better believe we've googled you, looked up your family, your friends, and your exes! We've got all your passwords too, even if we pretend that we don't.

4. We imagine fights in our heads

We play entire fights out in our heads, and we always win!

5. We're pretty gross

We may act clean and classy in front of others, but we drink from the milk jug in the middle of the night, we leave our clothes on the floor for sometimes days at a time, and we burp after drinking soda!

6. We're weird when we're alone

When we know that we are alone and no one can walk in on us, we are really weird. We sing as if we are on American Idol, talk to ourselves, and dance around like we're out of our minds.

7. We watch porn

Yes, I said it, I'm letting the cat out of the bag ladies! We all watch it or have watched it; we're not that different than men! We probably think about sex more than men do!