7 Ridiculous Sex Myths We All Still Believe

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We pride ourselves on being the most informed generation in history, and yet, dumb and utterly ridiculous myths persist. For instance, there are still many embarrassing myths about sex floating around, and they make lots of people seem like idiots.

Apparently, many dumb things people believed as kids are still considered to be true by adults who should know better. For instance, some believed that swallowing sperm would result in pregnancy, and some thought that you had to be older to get pregnant despite having sex.


In other words, the basic sexual IQ is pretty low, which is why people believe some hilarious sexual myths even as adults.

This might sound like nonsense to some of us, but people make unbelievably silly claims about sex because they believe them to be true. For those better informed on the subject, some of these statements are completely unbelievable.

So, let's have a look at some stupid sex myths people still believe today.


1. Gravity Keeps A Girl From Getting Pregnant When She Is On Top

This might sound ridiculous, but there's someone out there who believes that this position can keep a girl from getting pregnant. However, this is a terrible idea because having the girl on top is certainly not a birth control method.

What believers of this myth fail to realize is that sperms are swimmers, and they can make their way upstream and get into the uterus and cause a pregnancy.


The direction they have to swim in does not really matter.

2. Female Orgasm Can't Happen

This is just hilarious, and you might even laugh, but there are people who actually believe women can't orgasm.

We are in the twenty-first century, but there are people whose minds are many centuries off the mark when it comes to women and sexuality.

Maybe it's a way for some guys to comfort themselves over their inability to satisfy their partners.


Although believing this myth is shocking, there are plenty of people who do, and it's not just the guys. So, if you are a lady and are not enjoying this part of the experience, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

3. Giving Head Can't Give You STDs

There are guys out there who are using many misconceptions to fool girls into getting them off. For instance, some guys insist that it's impossible to get STDs from unprotected oral sex.


That's just ridiculous, and this is actually quite a dangerous misconception.

Unprotected sex, whether it involves the genitals or the mouth, can result in infections.

4. It's Impossible To Orgasm With A Condom

There are guys who, for some reason, have a real aversion towards protected sex. They have therefore come up with the excuse that wearing a condom keeps them from reaching orgasm.


However, the truth is that guys can still finish even if they are wearing a condom. They might not enjoy the entire experience as much, but they can still orgasm.

However, that's not worth risking your health over. You don't have to expose yourself to embarrassing and dangerous infections such as herpes to avoid using a condom.

Even with the condom, the sex can still end in orgasms.


5. Doing It In The Water Prevents Pregnancy

Once again, this myth promotes the notion that you can avoid getting pregnant by having sex in water.

However, sperm are great swimmers, and water obviously doesn't get in their way.

6. Masturbation Makes It Harder To Orgasm During Sex

The truth is that even if you pleasure yourself, you can still enjoy sex and enjoy an orgasm when having sex.


Typically, this theory was used as a way to keep people from trying to satisfy themselves before marriage to maintain their sexual purity.

So, while it might go against your religious beliefs, the implication that masturbation can ruin your sex life by destroying your ability to orgasm is not true.

7. Too Much Sex Makes A Woman Loose

Obviously, this is a classic example of a myth that is intended to shame women. However, female genitals are made of muscle, which means they can expand and contract.


If women can give birth to babies and still bounce back from experience, they can certainly handle having lots of intimate sexual encounters without getting messed up.

We get that not everyone is very comfortable talking about sex. However, there is still a need to separate myth from fiction to avoid ruining your love life based on a popular misconception.