7 Reasons Your Future Husband Will Likely Cheat

7 Reasons Your Future Husband Will Likely Cheat

Nothing is as heartbreaking as Infidelity in marriage. Women have been socialized to stick with one man otherwise they will be called a whore, but society tolerates it when a man cheats. It is normal for a man to be deceitful.

So when you walk into a marriage, these are the reasons your husband will likely cheat

Men are dissatisfied

The human taste wants to change over time. Your man may have fallen in love with you because you are hardworking, smart, and beautiful. With time, the man could be bored with you and will prefer a submissive woman who is jobless. A woman who admires him and has nothing else to do but to give him her time.


Work preference over sex

Men think and value sex more than women. If you value work over sex, your man might cheat on you. Some women prefer just having a partner to fulfill societal expectations. Others because they do not want to be lonely. If you are a workaholic, your husband may satisfy his sexual needs outside of your marriage.


Sex and love

A man may cheat on his wife just for sex, not for love. A lot of married men cheat not because they do not love their wives, but because they are never sexually satisfied. To them, having a lot of sex is an achievement. If the lovely wife does not provide lots of sex, he will look for one-night stands and get the sex, not love.


Monogamy is boring

Familiarity breeds contempt. Both men and women are likely to cheat in marriage because of boredom. When you stay with your husband for long, you get used to each other, and if your man gets bored, he might go astray.

Men have a wandering eye

Have you ever been with your man in a restaurant and he can't stop looking at other women? It is typical behavior among men. They can't stop their eyes from looking at other assets. Men have been socialized to believe that cheating is okay, and they have this wandering eye that is uncontented with what they see. Every woman that passes before them is beautiful.


Infidelity for revenge

Your husband may cheat on you because he wants revenge. The fact that men are conditioned to cheat does not mean women are saints. You may very well cheat first.

Marriage is not perfect

Marriage is not an institution that will give you the joy that you seek. It has frustrations and fights. When people fight, sometimes they stray from each other and cheat for comfort.