7 Reasons You Should Stop Caring About Other People's Approval

7 Reasons You Should Stop Caring About Other People’s Approval

Aren't you tired of having to suck up to people so they will give you their approval? I know you are, and I believe it's time you put this habit to a stop because it will keep you from following your cherished dreams.

Approval from others comes between you and the goals you are trying to achieve. So, why entertain it?

Learn to take control of your own life by giving up other people's approval. Happiness and satisfaction in life start with you and has very little to do with how other people view you.


So, the next time you yearn for someone's approval in order to go ahead with a plan you had, remember the following things first.

1. You Cannot Make Everyone Happy, Ever

Some people decided long ago that they will never be satisfied with anything you do or say. You cannot win that battle, however much you try.

In any case, people-pleasers aren't the most likable people, which means trying to kiss up to everyone works against you if you intend to make everyone happy. So, don't even try it.


2. They Will Destroy Your Dreams

Seeking the approval of others means taking your focus off your dreams first.

Worry about the goal you are trying to achieve, not what other people think of you. Whenever you see yourself so concerned with what others think, try to find out what dream or ambition you have pushed aside.

And also, remember something: people who truly care about you will never want you to take your eyes off the ball to impress them.


3. It Will Be Very Freeing

When it's all said and done, you get to decide how your life should turn out. Once you give up the burden of having people dictate what decisions to make in your life, you will feel very free and happy.

4. Approval From Others Wastes Your Precious Energy

Energy is all around us, and it's, therefore, the one resource you cannot afford to misuse. When you use your limited energy to earn someone's admiration, you are doing yourself a lot of injustice.


So, don't use up whatever energy you have to try to make someone else happy because that energy will be wasted over nothing.

5. You Will Save Lots Of Time

I know you have heard this many times: life is short. But that's the absolute truth: your time on earth is limited, and it's also precious.

So, when you waste it on nonsense like making other people happy, you are also wasting your life. Focus your time and energy on things that make your life move forward.


6. You Are The Boss Of Your Life

You should trust yourself more than anyone. And that means your approval should be held in higher regard than anyone else's.

If you look within yourself, you will find all the answers you need are already there. Other people might guide you towards them, but only you have them.

So, the approval of others doesn't matter as much as you imagine. Stop making them such a huge priority in your life.


7. It Makes You Find Yourself

If you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you will be happier in this life. After you have found what makes you happy and confident, you will find everything else working out for you.

So, you need to trust yourself more and have a little more faith in your decisions.

People seek the approval of others all the time, especially those they admire and have a close relationship with. But that's a mistake that will cost you your dreams, your freedom, and many other important and valuable things in this life.