7 Reasons Why Having A Long Distance BFF Is Actually Amazing

Long-distance friendship is boring. You’re always separated by the distance or the time zone, and this makes it difficult for you to catch up on Skype, Calls, or even simple texts.

You don’t get the chance to meet, see each other, or hang out together every day. Despite these drawbacks of long-distance friendship, it has some great benefits.

1. You’re only a text or phone call away from each other

It’s challenging to get used to staying away from your best friend, especially if you’ve grown close to each other. But the accessibility of smartphones is making it easy to stay connected and in touch with them. When you feel lonely or angry, you can call or text your bestie, and they’ll make you smile again.

2. Meeting your bestie is a great deal

Just like in a long-distance dating relationship, being away from a BFF for a long time makes you crave to meet them. And when you get the chance, it’s a big deal for both of you.
Long-distance friendship teaches you to value one another. You’re always there for each other, and you don’t take each other for granted.

3. Visiting your BFF is fun

When you visit your best friend, you’ll get to know the people they keep talking about in their chats. You’ll also meet the persons they spend most of their time with and join them in doing their daily routines.

Meeting your long-distance bestie will give you a chance to try new things, new adventures, and enjoy their company. You’d not have such a fun experience if you lived in the same location.

4. You have someone to send mails to

Sharing traditional mails is a great experience. When sending this mail to your best friend, you have the opportunity to include cool stuff such as stickers or any other fun item in the letter.

Also, when you send a mail to your BFF, it proves that you care about them. It also shows that you’re always thinking about them. They’ll feel treasured and embraced in a mail carrier service.

5. Long-distance friends will always give unbiased advice

Since your best friend isn’t living near you, you’ll end up spending time with new people whom your BFF doesn’t know. This is important because your bestie will not be part of the group and when you need honest advice, they’re the people to turn to.

6. You won’t take each other for granted

A best friend friendship has a never-ending love experience. However, when you see the same person every minute, you might get bored with them or have a change in feelings toward them.

But when your bestie lives far from you, every interaction you share is meaningful. This is because for your friendship to grow, it needs more than hanging out.

7. A long-distance friendship is a sign that you’re likely to be with this friend for a long time

If you can maintain a long-distance friendship with your bestie, with all its communication challenges and shortcomings, you’re sure that such a person will stay in your life for long. It’s always easy to become friends with a person you meet often. But when you make the effort of keeping in touch with your BFF, it means the friendship is healthy and can withstand the test of time.