7 Reasons To Value A Good Morning Text

7 Reasons To Value A Good Morning Text

If your significant other appreciates you for even the little things, they may show you how much they do with something as simple as a good morning text. Now I know what you are thinking, "what is so special about that". Good question. Allow me to explain. The simplicity of a good morning text can be packed with a message so powerful that it can brighten the day of anyone who is suffering from a tough week.

Without further ado, here are the 7 reasons why you should value the good morning text.

1. You Have Been On Their Mind

Your lover may be so ecstatic to hear from you that sleep is no longer a priority to them. They are so anxious to have another opportunity to hear your voice that they cannot stop thinking of you. They may even be losing sleep contemplating how they are going to greet you when the sun rises.

2. You Are Their First Thought

Not only have you been on their mind while they were awake, but you may also have even become a part of their dreams. You have made such an impact on their lives that they can't help but to think of you while waking up. Doesn't it feel good knowing that you are a part of someone's personal cinema?

3. They Are Showing That They Care

There is an abundant amount of ways that a person can show you that they care for you. They can buy you a present, run your bath water, or even cook healthy meals with you. The good morning text gets the job done by opening the door for you to tell your lover about your day.

4. Looking Forward to Speaking With You

When someone is actually eager to hear what you have to say, what more could you ask for?

5. It Never Fails to Make You Smile

The good morning text can get you smiling first thing in the morning. You can have an extremely demanding day ahead, but it can keep you smiling all the way through it.

6. It Makes You Feel Good

If for no other reason, a good morning text should be valued for having the power to make you feel good. Not to mention, it can strengthen your relationship, and who doesn't want that?

7. Chivalry Never Died

The phrase "chivalry is dead" should have never been spoken. I bet if the person who coined this phrase would receive a good morning text, it would never be spoken again.

Now that you know the reasons why you should value the good morning text, I dare you to say that receiving one of these wouldn't make your day.

1. Hurry up and awake because I miss you.

This is saying the anticipation is killing me. You are mine and I want you now!

2. Great morning baby! Let me know if you can use my help getting into trouble later.

This is saying that they cannot wait to have your body close to theirs. Either for a morning coffee or midnight snack. You be the judge.

3. I know that you love wearing makeup but waking up without it is when you are the most beautiful.

Being appreciated for their natural beauty is sure to make any girl's day.

4. Good morning honey! You have the option to go back to sleep or chase that dream. I know you will make the right choice.

Inspiration is the key in this text. What more can you ask for when you know someone is always in your corner?

5. Good morning! It makes my day to be able to call you mine.

This is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Just like the text, a person deserves to be valued as well.

The good morning text has often been undervalued. It gets the reputation of being too simple at times but it shouldn't. When you are receiving one from someone special, you should look a bit deeper and you just may find a deeper meaning.