7 Non-demanding Online Jobs For Students


Before they were famous, a lot of celebrities used to have some very simple jobs. When Madonna first arrived in New York with five dollars in her pocket, she started selling donuts. Johnny Depp used to sell pens over the phone. The job was extremely boring, so he tried to entertain himself by using different voices.

These are just a few examples of how young people adjust to the circumstances before they can pursue their passion. There is no doubt that both Madonna and Johnny Depp were talented. But before you can pursue your dream job, it is often necessary to gain some skills in simple jobs.


Luckily for modern students, they can enjoy the benefits of the digital era. There are plenty of non-demanding jobs for students available online. Of course, this subject needs some time to research. So we suggest delegating some of your college assignments to write me an essay to free some time for the search of such a vacancy. You can find plenty of online options that you will be able to combine with studies in the future.


With some creativity and determination, you can find a job that fits your skills and interests. In this article, you will find some inspirational ideas and examples to get you started.


Most of the time, people scroll their newsfeeds on silent. Everyone who wants their videos to be successful realizes it. So they add subtitles to their videos. You can be the one transforming audio or video content into text.


This job is not difficult, although it requires excellent spelling and grammar. To be honest, it is not one of the best-paid jobs in the world. But if you know any other foreign languages, you could earn even more by transcribing the material in them. You will be lucky to earn some extra money if they also need translation.

Online Survey Taker

You can earn money by offering your services to market research companies. There is always a need to test a certain product or find out the opinion on some subject. This job requires no special skills, but you will need to be patient and persistent.


Virtual Assistant

Compared to the previous examples, this job is a little bit more demanding. Yet, you do not need any specific hard skills. We understand that applying for your first job is a responsible step. But if you are good at working independently without anyone controlling you, it is worth applying for such a vacancy.


Data entry, scheduling, and social media management are typical administrative tasks delegated to virtual assistants. It is cheaper for businesses to hire students to do this job online than to hire someone for an office position. You can benefit from it by earning some money in a job that improves your attentiveness and teaches you to work responsibly.

Content writer

From a beauty salon to a window-washing company, every business needs lots of content these days. If you are an introverted person with good writing skills, it may be a perfect job for you. Start with some freelance writing jobs on Fiverr or Upwork. If you enjoy it, there is a good chance that your future career may be connected with content or marketing.


Social media manager

If you enjoy Instagram and Facebook but writing longreads is not your favorite thing, you can apply for a position in SMM. It usually involves responding to comments, creating and scheduling posts, and answering direct messages.

The most stressful part might be the communication with the customers. Because it is an online message, people often do not work at the clock when they send it. Be prepared to receive messages at dawn or in the middle of the night.


Of course, you can reply later, but there's alway a chance that the potential customers will lose interest or order something from your competitor. In any case, you should negotiate the company policy on answering such messages with your employer to avoid any misunderstanding.

Online Tutor

You can teach a subject you're proficient in through various platforms. This job is perfect for those who are not shy to communicate and share their expertise. If you would love to try but do not know where to start, position yourself as an English language native speaker.


Graphic designer

This job is best for students with a good sense of taste and excellent photoshop skills. You can create logos, business cards, and other design materials for clients. And you can do it without leaving home and caring what you are wearing in front of your computer. Read on to check out other advantages of working remotely as a student.

Benefits of Working Online During College Years

If you are still on the fence between an offline and an online side job, you may find the arguments below helpful for making a decision.



It is much easier to balance work and studies when all you need is a stable internet connection. Besides, you do not need to stick to any schedule in online jobs.


You save your time and money since you do not need to commute to the office. Your boss cannot fire you because you are late for work or wear pajamas.


Skill Development

Even if you do not earn a lot of money, the experience you gain is priceless. Communication, time management, and problem-solving will come in handy whatever career you choose in the future.


Online jobs give you an opportunity to choose something in your field of interest. Establishing ties with like-minded people can open new doors for you when you least expect it.


Final Words

Most students prefer online side jobs to offline ones because they offer greater job opportunities, skill development, and a better work-life balance. Try your hand at writing social media posts for a bakery. See if you can be efficient for the business as an online assistant. Help companies with their design requests. Gain some valuable experience in one of the non-demanding but creative online jobs for students.